Cotton Belt steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Diam. x Stroke
A1 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 115psi 26t 41t 16sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none Dickson 1886
B1 4-4-0 60in 17x24in 130psi 26t 41t     none Dickson 1887
B2 4-4-0 67in 17x24in 160psi 29t 45t 15sq.ft. 1265sq.ft. none Pine Bluff 1894
B2 4-4-0 67in 19(1)/29(1)x24in 160psi 29t 45t 15sq.ft. 1265sq.ft. none Pine Bluff 1898
B2 4-4-0 67in 17x24in 150psi 31t 49t 15sq.ft. 1265sq.ft. none Later
B3 4-6-0 57in 17x24in 120psi 35t 51t 17sq.ft. 1225sq.ft. none New York 1886
C1 2-6-0 57in 18x24in 165psi 37t 44t 17sq.ft. 1200sq.ft. none RI '87, NY '88
C1 2-6-0 57in 18x24in 150psi 43t 52t 18sq.ft. 1200sq.ft. none Later
C2 4-4-0 69in 18x26in 200psi 42t 63t 25sq.ft. 1780sq.ft. none Rogers 1900
C3 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 160psi 45t 45t     none Pine Bluff 1895
C4 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 180psi 54t 54t 19sq.ft. 1225sq.ft. none Rogers 1903
D1 4-4-0 69in 19x26in 200psi 46t 71t 29sq.ft. 1880sq.ft. none Baldwin 1906
D2 2-6-0 61in 19x26in 200psi 58t 66t 29sq.ft. 1900sq.ft. none Rogers 1901
D2 2-6-0 61in 19x26in 175psi 63t 72t 29sq.ft. 1900sq.ft. none Later
D2 4-6-0 61in 20x26in 180psi 54t 68t 29sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. none Richmond 1898
D2 4-6-0 61in 20x26in 180psi 57t 73t 29sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. none Rogers 1899
D2 4-6-0 61in 19x26in 200psi 56t 71t 29sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. none Rebuilt
D3 2-6-0 51in 19x26in 200psi 62t 70t 29sq.ft. 1815sq.ft. none Baldwin 1906
E1 4-4-2 70in 20x26in 200psi 41t 76t 30sq.ft. 2480sq.ft. none Baldwin 1909
E1 4-4-2 70in 21x26in 185psi 48t 88t 31sq.ft. 2110sq.ft. 495sq.ft. Rebuilt
E2 4-6-0 61in 20x26in 200psi 59t 75t 33sq.ft. 2315sq.ft. none Rogers 1900
E2 4-6-0 61in 20x26in 200psi 60t 74t 33sq.ft. 2370sq.ft. none Pittsburgh 1901
E2A 4-6-0 61in 20x26in 175psi 61t 78t 33sq.ft. 2370sq.ft. none Later
E2B 4-6-0 70in 20x26in 200psi 64t 83t 33sq.ft. 2370sq.ft. none Rebuilt
E3 2-6-0 51in 20x26in 180psi 64t 72t 31sq.ft. 2075sq.ft. none Rogers 1905
E4 2-6-0 57in 20x28in 200psi 68t 77t 31sq.ft. 2060sq.ft. none Baldwin 1909
F1 4-6-0 62in 21x28in 200psi 67t 85t 33sq.ft. 2510sq.ft. none Baldwin 1910
F1 4-6-0 62in 22x28in 185psi 71t 90t 33sq.ft. 2175sq.ft. 465sq.ft. Rebuilt
G0 4-6-0 69in 22x28in 200psi 78t 101t 50sq.ft. 2430sq.ft. 530sq.ft. Baldwin 1916
G1 2-6-0 55in 22x28in 200psi 76t 86t 33sq.ft. 2585sq.ft. none Baldwin 1912
G1 2-6-0 55in 23½x28in 175psi 80t 93t 33sq.ft. 2245sq.ft. 500sq.ft. Rebuilt
G1 2-8-0 55in 22x28in 200psi 79t 89t 33sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. none Baldwin 1906
G1 2-8-0 55in 23x28in 175psi 81t 91t 33sq.ft. 2260sq.ft. 530sq.ft. Rebuilt
G2 2-8-0 55in 22x30in 200psi 83t 93t 33sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. none Baldwin 1909
G2 2-8-0 55in 23½x30in 180psi 83t 93t 33sq.ft. 2275sq.ft. 530sq.ft. Rebuilt
G2 0-8-0 55in 23½x28in 190psi 97t 97t 33sq.ft. 2500sq.ft. 530sq.ft. Rebuilt
J1 2-8-0 62in 24x32in 180psi 88t 98t 54sq.ft. 2520sq.ft. 560sq.ft. Erie H20b
K1 2-8-0 61in 25x30in 190psi 96t 110t 53sq.ft. 2710sq.ft. 590sq.ft. SP C-11
K1 2-8-0 61in 25x30in 200psi 97t 111t 53sq.ft. 2750sq.ft. 590sq.ft. SP C-12
L0 4-8-2 73in 26x28in 210psi 95t 142t 67sq.ft. 3810sq.ft. 945sq.ft. FEC 401
L1 4-8-4 70in 26x30in 250psi 110t 190t 88sq.ft. 4725sq.ft. 2060sq.ft. SP GS-7
L1 4-8-4 70in 26x30in 250psi 118t 199t 88sq.ft. 4725sq.ft. 1960sq.ft. SP GS-8
M1 4-8-2 74in 28x28in 200psi 116t 168t 63sq.ft. 4685sq.ft. 1200sq.ft. RI M-50

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