Erie steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Dia. x Stroke
C1 0-8-0 51in 25x28in 185psi 97t 97t 47sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. 615sq.ft. USRA
C2 0-8-0 57in 22x32in 200psi 91t 91t 50sq.ft. 3235sq.ft. none Ex H22
C3 0-8-0 52in 25x28in 200psi 106t 106t 47sq.ft. 2765sq.ft. 635sq.ft.  
H20 2-8-0 62in 22x32in 200psi 81t 92t 54sq.ft. 3225sq.ft. none  
H20a 2-8-0 62in 22x32in 200psi 83t 93t 54sq.ft. 2540sq.ft. 560sq.ft. Baker
H20b 2-8-0 62in 24x32in 180psi 88t 98t 54sq.ft. 2540sq.ft. 560sq.ft. Baker
H20c 2-8-0 62in 22x32in 200psi 80t 91t 54sq.ft. 2540sq.ft. 560sq.ft. Walschaerts
H21 2-8-0 63in 22x32in 200psi 80t 91t 54sq.ft. 3170sq.ft. none HALS C 63
H21a 2-8-0 63in 22x32in 200psi 85t 97t 54sq.ft. 2575sq.ft. 520sq.ft. Rebuilt
H21b 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 170psi 85t 97t 54sq.ft. 2575sq.ft. 520sq.ft. Rebuilt
H22 2-8-0 57in 22x32in 200psi 83t 94t 50sq.ft. 3235sq.ft. none  
J1 2-10-0 50in 16/27x28in 180psi 78t 88t 89sq.ft. 2445sq.ft. none Vauclain
J1 2-10-0 50in 21x28in 180psi 79t 88t 89sq.ft. 2445sq.ft. none Rebuilt
J2 2-10-0 52in 25x28in 180psi 90t 105t 65sq.ft. 2610sq.ft. 580sq.ft.  
K1 4-6-2 74in 22½x26in 200psi 68t 105t 57sq.ft. 3325sq.ft. (Cole) Original
K1 4-6-2 74in 22½x26in 200psi 70t 110t 57sq.ft. 3375sq.ft. 765sq.ft. Rebuilt
K2 4-6-2 77in 27x28in 200psi 84t 136t 67sq.ft. 3850sq.ft. 805sq.ft. Lima
K2a 4-6-2 77in 27x28in 200psi 83t 137t 67sq.ft. 3775sq.ft. 950sq.ft. Alco
K3 4-6-2 79in 27x28in 185psi 78t 122t 60sq.ft. 4050sq.ft. 895sq.ft. Alco 50000
K4 4-6-2 69in 25x28in 210psi 85t 130t 58sq.ft. 4015sq.ft. 875sq.ft. Alco
K4 4-6-2 69in 25x28in 210psi 84t 128t 58sq.ft. 3965sq.ft. 875sq.ft. Baldwin
K4a 4-6-2 69in 25x28in 210psi 81t 129t 58sq.ft. 3670sq.ft. 875sq.ft. Baldwin
K4b 4-6-2 75in 25¼x28in 215psi 85t 126t 58sq.ft. 3670sq.ft. 875sq.ft. Ex K4a
K5 4-6-2 79in 27x28in 200psi 89t 139t 71sq.ft. 3825sq.ft. 885sq.ft. USRA heavy
K5a 4-6-2 79in 27x28in 200psi 90t 140t 71sq.ft. 3725sq.ft. 1315sq.ft.  
K5b 4-6-2 79in 27x28in 200psi 92t 146t 71sq.ft. 3735sq.ft. 1070sq.ft.  
L1 0-8-8-0 51in 25/39x28in 215psi 186t 186t 100sq.ft. 5315sq.ft. none Mallet
L1 2-8-8-2 51in 25/39x28in 215psi 182t 200t 100sq.ft. 5666sq.ft. 1170sq.ft. Rebuilt
M1 2-6-8-0 57in 22/35x30in 200psi 152t 161t 50sq.ft. 3400sq.ft. none Mallet
N1 2-8-2 63in 28x32in 170psi 106t 143t 70sq.ft. 4180sq.ft. 845sq.ft.  
N2 2-8-2 63in 27x32in 190psi 108t 145t 70sq.ft. 4285sq.ft. 995sq.ft. USRA heavy
N3 2-8-2 63in 28x32in 200psi 116t 157t 70sq.ft. 3825sq.ft. 1050sq.ft.  
P1 2-8-8-8-2T 63in 36/36(4)x32in 210psi 345t 387t 90sq.ft. 6885sq.ft. 1585sq.ft. Triplex, 1914
P1 2-8-8-8-2T 63in 36/36(4)x32in 210psi 345t 387t 122sq.ft. 6850sq.ft. 1585sq.ft. Triplex, 1916
R1 2-10-2 63in 31x32in 200psi 153t 189t 88sq.ft. 5700sq.ft. 1390sq.ft.  
R2 2-10-2 63in 31x32in 200psi 155t 183t 95sq.ft. 4960sq.ft. 1275sq.ft.  
R3 2-10-2 63in 30x32in 190psi 133t 172t 88sq.ft. 5155sq.ft. 1210sq.ft. USRA heavy
S1 2-8-4 70in 28½x32in 225psi 125t 201t 100sq.ft. 5700sq.ft. 2480sq.ft. Booster
S2 2-8-4 70in 28½x32in 250psi 127t 208t 100sq.ft. 5700sq.ft. 2480sq.ft. Booster
S3 2-8-4 70in 28½x32in 225psi 129t 209t 100sq.ft. 5700sq.ft. 2545sq.ft. Booster
S4 2-8-4 70in 28½x32in 250psi 130t 213t 100sq.ft. 5700sq.ft. 2545sq.ft. Booster

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