Chesapeake & Ohio steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Diam. x Str.
A-16 4-4-2 72in 21x26in 200psi 42t 78t 50sq.ft. 3320sq.ft. none  
A-16s 4-4-2 73in 22x26in 185psi 51t 90t 50sq.ft. 2470sq.ft. 520sq.ft.  
B-2 2-10-2 63in 30x32in 200psi 132t 171t 88sq.ft. 4950sq.ft. 1585sq.ft. C&EI O-1
B-3 2-10-2 64in 29x32in 195psi 142t 179t 80sq.ft. 5370sq.ft. 1130sq.ft. Wabash L-1
C-2 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 150psi 46t 46t 19sq.ft. 1405sq.ft. none  
C-5 0-6-0T 51in 20x26in 180psi 66t 66t 27sq.ft. 1485sq.ft. none  
C-8 0-8-0 51in 21x28in 200psi 78t 78t 39sq.ft. 2735sq.ft. none 1903
C-8 0-6-0F 44in 30x24in 260psi 73t 73t 1000 cu.ft. reservoir 1949
C-9 0-4-4-4-4-0T 46in 17x18in(3) 200psi 150t 150t 43sq.ft. 2330sq.ft. none Shay:TE53000
C-12 0-10-0 51in 27x28in 185psi 134t 134t 73sq.ft. 3720sq.ft. 915sq.ft.  
C-14 0-8-0 51in 25x28in 175psi 101t 101t 47sq.ft. 2785sq.ft. 610sq.ft.  
C-16 0-8-0 52in 25x28in 200psi 109t 109t 47sq.ft. 2570sq.ft. 635sq.ft.  
F-15 4-6-2 72in 22x28in 200psi 72t 96t 47sq.ft. 3755sq.ft. none Original
F-15 4-6-2 72in 23½x28in 180psi 71t 90t 47sq.ft. 2940sq.ft. 700sq.ft. Rebuilt
F-16 4-6-2 74in 27x28in 185psi 86t 132t 60sq.ft. 3785sq.ft. 880sq.ft.  
F-17 4-6-2 69in 27x28in 185psi 87t 142t 81sq.ft. 4480sq.ft. 990sq.ft.  
F-17a 4-6-2 74in 27x28in 200psi 91t 152t 81sq.ft. 4480sq.ft. 990sq.ft. Ex F-17
F-18a 4-6-2 74in 27x28in 200psi 91t 152t 81sq.ft. 4480sq.ft. 990sq.ft.  
F-19 4-6-2 74in 27x28in 200psi 91t 150t 80sq.ft. 4240sq.ft. 1215sq.ft.  
F-20 4-6-2 75in 27x28in 225psi 94t 155t 76sq.ft. 4230sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. RF&P 325
G-6 2-8-0 56in 22x28in 200psi 75t 83t 35sq.ft. 2865sq.ft. none  
G-7 2-8-0 56in 22x28in 200psi 74t 84t 47sq.ft. 3025sq.ft. none  
G-9 2-8-0 56in 22x28in 200psi 78t 88t 47sq.ft. 2710sq.ft. none  
G-17 2-8-0 60in 22x30in 205psi 84t 95t 56sq.ft. 2790sq.ft. none B&O E-27
H-2 2-6-6-2 56¼in 22/35x32in 200psi 153t 181t 72sq.ft. 5040sq.ft. 910sq.ft. Mallet
H-3 2-6-6-2 62in 22/35x30in 200psi 129t 148t 50sq.ft. 4205sq.ft. 745sq.ft. C&A K-1
H-4 2-6-6-2 56¼in 22/35x32in 210psi 166t 197t 73sq.ft. 4900sq.ft. 975sq.ft. Mallet
H-5 2-6-6-2 57in 23/35x32in 225psi 162t 203t 76sq.ft. 5445sq.ft. 1290sq.ft. USRA Mallet
H-6 2-6-6-2 56¼in 22/35x32in 210psi 171t 204t 73sq.ft. 4900sq.ft. 975sq.ft. Mallet
H-7 2-8-8-2 57in 23x32in(4) 215psi 223t 256t 112sq.ft. 6415sq.ft. 1885sq.ft.  
H-7a 2-8-8-2 57in 23x32in(4) 215psi 224t 260t 112sq.ft. 6580sq.ft. 1885sq.ft.  
H-8 2-6-6-6 67in 22½x33in(4) 260psi 230t 347t 135sq.ft. 7240sq.ft. 3185sq.ft. 1941
H-8 2-6-6-6 67in 22½x33in(4) 260psi 229t 341t 135sq.ft. 6795sq.ft. 2925sq.ft. 1948
J-1 4-8-2 62in 29x28in 180psi 108t 150t 67sq.ft. 4130sq.ft. 845sq.ft.  
J-2 4-8-2 69in 28x30in 200psi 110t 160t 76sq.ft. 4660sq.ft. 1085sq.ft. USRA Heavy
J-3 4-8-4 74in 27½x30in 255psi 128t 223t 100sq.ft. 5595sq.ft. 2305sq.ft. Booster
K-1 2-8-2 57in 29x28in 180psi 110t 147t 67sq.ft. 4050sq.ft. 845sq.ft.  
K-2 2-8-2 63in 28x30in 200psi 122t 162t 77sq.ft. 4160sq.ft. 1175sq.ft. Booster
K-3 2-8-2 63in 28x32in 200psi 123t 161t 81sq.ft. 4460sq.ft. 1205sq.ft.  
K-4 2-8-4 69in 26x34in 245psi 133t 213t 90sq.ft. 4775sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. Booster
L-1 4-6-4 74in 27x28in 210psi 92t 176t 81sq.ft. 4415sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. Ex F-19
L-2 4-6-4 78in 25x30in 255psi 99t 199t 90sq.ft. 4180sq.ft. 1785sq.ft. Booster
M-1 2'Co1-2'Co1Bo' 40in 8 x 620hp el. 310psi 242t 389t 112sq.ft. 4400sq.ft. 1770sq.ft. Turbine-electric
T-1 2-10-4 69in 29x34in 260psi 169t 257t 122sq.ft. 6635sq.ft. 3030sq.ft. Booster

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