Wabash steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Diameter x Stroke
A-3 0-4-0 52in 16x24in 140psi 27t 27t 13sq.ft. 780sq.ft. none Original
A-3 0-4-0T 52in 16x24in 140psi 33t 33t 13sq.ft. 780sq.ft. none Rebuilt
B-2 0-6-0 52in 17x24in 150psi 42t 42t 16sq.ft. 1270sq.ft. none  
B-3 0-6-0 50in 19x22in 170psi 40t 40t 23sq.ft. 1185sq.ft. none Ex F-2
B-4 0-6-0 52in 18x24in 150psi 42t 42t 16sq.ft. 1345sq.ft. none  
B-5 0-6-0 52in 18x24in 165psi 46t 46t 19sq.ft. 1155sq.ft. none  
B-6 0-6-0 58in 19x28in 185psi 65t 65t 29sq.ft. 1800sq.ft. none  
B-7 0-6-0 52in 21x26in 185psi 70t 70t 31sq.ft. 2350sq.ft. none 254 x 2¼" tubes
B-7 0-6-0 52in 21x26in 185psi 70t 70t 31sq.ft. 2335sq.ft. none 282 x 2" tubes
B-8 0-6-0 64in 20x28in 200psi 72t 72t 33sq.ft. 1905sq.ft. none Ex F-7
C-1 0-8-0 58in 22x28in 200psi 83t 83t 44sq.ft. 2390sq.ft. none  
C-3 0-8-0 52in 25x28in 195psi 100t 100t 47sq.ft. 2780sq.ft. 615sq.ft. Also C-4
D-22 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 150psi 25t 39t 17sq.ft. 1175sq.ft. none Or 69in
D-26 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 150psi 26t 39t 17sq.ft. 1220sq.ft. none  
D-27 4-4-0 70in 17x24in 170psi 28t 44t 18sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. none  
D-28 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 150psi 26t 42t 17sq.ft. 1220sq.ft. none  
D-29 4-4-0 70in 17x24in 170psi 28t 45t 17sq.ft. 1375sq.ft. none  
D-30 4-4-0 78in 18½x26in 185psi 36t 56t 18sq.ft. 1770sq.ft. none Or 74in
D-31 4-4-0 74in 19x26in 185psi 36t 57t 35sq.ft. 2160sq.ft. none  
E-1 4-4-2 74in 19x26in 200psi 38t 72t 30sq.ft. 2405sq.ft. none  
E-2 4-4-2 75in 19x26in 200psi 37t 73t 32sq.ft. 2330sq.ft. none  
E-3 4-4-2 84in 21x26in 200psi 50t 92t 44sq.ft. 2700sq.ft. none  
E-3s 4-4-2 84in 21x26in 200psi 51t 93t 44sq.ft. 2210sq.ft. 485sq.ft.  
E-4 4-4-2 80in 21x28in 210psi 50t 90t 45sq.ft. 2965sq.ft. none Original
E-4 4-4-2 80in 21x28in 210psi 52t 92t 45sq.ft. 2365sq.ft. 510sq.ft. Rebuilt
F-1 2-6-0 51in 18x22in 160psi 34t 39t 23sq.ft. 1185sq.ft. none Also F-2
F-3 2-6-0 51in 19x22in 160psi 34t 39t 23sq.ft. 1185sq.ft. none  
F-4 2-6-0 63in 19x28in 190psi 48t 56t 32sq.ft. 1605sq.ft. none  
F-5 2-6-0 63in 20½(1)/32½(1)x28in 195psi 48t 56t 32sq.ft. 1605sq.ft. none  
F-6 2-6-0 63in 20½(1)/32½(1)x28in 200psi 58t 68t 33sq.ft. 1905sq.ft. none  
F-7 2-6-0 63in 19x28in 200psi 58t 67t 33sq.ft. 1905sq.ft. none  
G-1 2-6-2 70in 22x28in 210psi 69t 94t 54sq.ft. 3700sq.ft. none  
G-1s 2-6-2 70in 23x28in 210psi 75t 104t 54sq.ft. 2805sq.ft. 615sq.ft.  
H-1 4-6-0 58in 17x24in 150psi 32t 41t 16sq.ft. 1315sq.ft. none  
H-2 4-6-0 69in 18½x24in 160psi 32t 44t 18sq.ft. 1355sq.ft. none  
H-3 4-6-0 57in 18x24in 160psi 34t 44t 17sq.ft. 1385sq.ft. none  
H-4 4-6-0 70in 18x24in 160psi 36t 46t 17sq.ft. 1620sq.ft. none  
H-5 4-6-0 58in 18x246n 170psi 44t 57t 23sq.ft. 1865sq.ft. none  
H-6 4-6-0 63in 19x24in 160psi 32t 44t 18sq.ft. 1355sq.ft. none  
H-7 4-6-0 64in 19x24in 170psi 39t 51t 18sq.ft. 1655sq.ft. none  
H-8 4-6-0 70in 19x24in 185psi 43t 58t 18sq.ft. 1925sq.ft. none Ex H-6
H-9 4-6-0 64in 19x26in 200psi 54t 71t 30sq.ft. 2410sq.ft. none  
H-10 4-6-0 64in 20½(1)/32½(1)x26in 200psi 54t 72t 30sq.ft. 2410sq.ft. none  
H-11 4-6-0 74in 19x26in 200psi 52t 72t 30sq.ft. 2320sq.ft. none  
H-12 4-6-0 74in 21x28in 210psi 68t 88t 34sq.ft. 2810sq.ft. none  
H-12s 4-6-0 74in 21x28in 210psi 69t 90t 34sq.ft. 2185sq.ft. 475sq.ft.  
I-1 2-8-0 52in 20x24in 185psi 54t 60t 24sq.ft. 1890sq.ft. none  
I-2 2-8-0 57in 19½x28in 200psi 70t 79t 44sq.ft. 2395sq.ft. none  
I-3 2-8-0 58in 22x30in 200psi 86t 98t 51sq.ft. 3395sq.ft. none Original
I-3 2-8-0 58in 22½x30in 210psi 90t 102t 51sq.ft. 2685sq.ft. 605sq.ft. Rebuilt
I-6 2-8-0 57in 25x30in 180psi 95t 107t 57sq.ft. 2880sq.ft. 565sq.ft. AA 170, syphon
J-1 4-6-2 74in 24x26in 215psi 69t 112t 63sq.ft. 4465sq.ft. none Original
J-1 4-6-2 74in 24x26in 215psi 70t 113t 63sq.ft. 3310sq.ft. 740sq.ft. Rebuilt
J-2 4-6-2 70in 23x28in 215psi 69t 109t 54sq.ft. 3190sq.ft. 740sq.ft. Ex G-1
K-1 2-8-2 64in 25½x30in 210psi 94t 121t 63sq.ft. 3310sq.ft. 740sq.ft.  
K-2 2-8-2 64in 26x30in 200psi 100t 132t 67sq.ft. 3775sq.ft. 880sq.ft. USRA Light
K-3 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 210psi 110t 150t 67sq.ft. 4190sq.ft. 1050sq.ft.  
K-4 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 210psi 113t 151t 71sq.ft. 4225sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. No syphons
K-4 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 210psi 114t 154t 71sq.ft. 4288sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. Syphons
K-4b 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 210psi 117t 157t 71sq.ft. 4225sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. Booster
K-5 2-8-2 64in 23x32:28(1)in 200psi 114t 155t 71sq.ft. 4225sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. Simple
L-1 2-10-2 64in 29x32in 210psi 145t 181t 80sq.ft. 5355sq.ft. 1300sq.ft.  
L-1 2-10-2 64in 29x32in 210psi 145t 181t 80sq.ft. 5430sq.ft. 1300sq.ft. Syphons
M-1 4-8-2 70in 27x32in 245psi 123t 184t 84sq.ft. 4560sq.ft. 2000sq.ft.  
O-1 4-8-4 70in 27x32in 250psi 124t 206t 96sq.ft. 5130sq.ft. 2360sq.ft. Walschaerts
O-1 4-8-4 70in 27x32in 250psi 125t 208t 96sq.ft. 5130sq.ft. 2360sq.ft. Baker
P-1 4-6-4 80in 26x28in 220psi 89t 170t 71sq.ft. 4225sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. Ex K-4, K-5

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