B.&N.C./N.C.C./U.T.A. steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Diameter x Stroke
A1 4-4-0 72in 18x24in 170psi 32t 47t 18sq.ft. 1040sq.ft. total Ex 18(1)/26(1)
B 4-4-0 72in 16(1)/23¼(1)x24in 170psi 26t 40t 15sq.ft. 850sq.ft. none  
B3 4-4-0 72in 18x24in 170psi 28t 45t 18sq.ft. 1040sq.ft. total "County" ex B,C
C 2-4-0 72in 16(1)/23¼(1)x24in 170psi 24t 36t 15sq.ft. 850sq.ft. none  
D 2-4-0 84in 18(1)/26(1)x24in 170psi 28t 42t 18sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. none Original
D 4-4-0 84in 18(1)/26(1)x24in 170psi 30t 46t 18sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. none Rebuilt
D1 4-4-0 84in 19x24in 170psi 28t 47t   985sq.ft. 275sq.ft. Ex D
E 0-6-0 62in 17½(1)/25(1)x24in 170psi 40t 40t 15sq.ft. 930sq.ft. none  
F 2-4-0 72in 16x22in 130psi 23t 33t 14sq.ft. 900sq.ft. none  
G 2-4-0 66in 16x22in 130psi 23t 33t 14sq.ft. 750sq.ft. none  
I 2-4-0 66in 15x20in 150psi 17t 26t 14sq.ft. 940sq.ft. none  
J 2-4-0T 62in 15x20in 140psi 27t 36t 14sq.ft. 770sq.ft. none  
K 0-6-0 61in 17x24in 130psi 34t 34t 14sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none  
L 0-6-0 62in 16x24in 120psi 28t 28t 14sq.ft. 1185sq.ft. none 1863
N 0-4-0T 48in 16x22in 130psi 32t 32t     none  
P 2-4-0T 45in 11x18in 140psi 15t 19t 7sq.ft. 390sq.ft. none 3' gauge
Q 0-6-0T 39in 13½x18in 140psi 21t 21t 9sq.ft. 510sq.ft. none 3' gauge, 1877
Q 0-6-0T 39in 13½x18in 140psi 21t 21t 9sq.ft. 530sq.ft. none 3' gauge, 1883
R 2-6-0T 39in 14x18in 140psi 22t 26t 11sq.ft. 695sq.ft. none 3' gauge
S 2-4-2T 45in 14¾(1)/21(1)x20in 170psi 20t 32t 11sq.ft. 675sq.ft. none 3' gauge
S1 2-4-2T 45in 14¾(1)/21(1)x20in 160psi 20t 33t 11sq.ft. 740sq.ft. none 3' gauge
U 4-4-0 72in 19x24in 170psi 28t 48t   985sq.ft. 275sq.ft.  
U1 4-4-0 72in 18x24in 170psi 35t 51t 21sq.ft. 1170sq.ft. 255sq.ft. "Glen" ex B
U2 4-4-0 72in 19x24in 170psi 36t 52t 21sq.ft. 1170sq.ft. 255sq.ft. "Castle"
V 0-6-0 62in 19x24in 170psi 49t 49t   985sq.ft. 275sq.ft.  
W 2-6-0 72in 19x26in 200psi 51t 64t 25sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. 265sq.ft. NCC V1
WT 2-6-4T 72in 19x26in 200psi 53t 88t 25sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. 265sq.ft.  
Y 0-6-0T 55in 18x26in 160psi 50t 50t 16sq.ft. 1065sq.ft. none NCC L

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