MR/early LMS steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Dia. x Stroke
4P 4-4-0 81in 19(1)/21x26in 200psi 39t 62t 28sq.ft. 1320sq.ft. 290sq.ft. Smith cpd.
1000 4-4-0 84in 19(1)/21x26in 220psi 39t 60t 28sq.ft. 1475sq.ft. none Smith cpd.
1000 4-4-0 84in 19(1)/21x26in 200psi 39t 62t 28sq.ft. 1320sq.ft. 360sq.ft. Rebuilt
990 4-4-0 78in 19x26in 220psi 39t 58t 28sq.ft. 1555sq.ft. none Original
990 4-4-0 78in 19x26in 200psi 39t 58t 28sq.ft. 1320sq.ft. 360sq.ft. Rebuilt
3P Belpaire 4-4-0 81in 19½x26in 185psi 35t 53t 25sq.ft. 1530sq.ft. none Later sphtd.
2P 4-4-0 81in 19x26in 180psi 35t 54t 21sq.ft. 1160sq.ft. 255sq.ft.  
60 4-4-0 84in 19½x26in 170psi 31t 46t 21sq.ft. 1235sq.ft. none 2636: 19x
2183 4-4-0 84in 18½x26in 160psi 30t 44t 20sq.ft. 1225sq.ft. none  
1740 4-4-0 84in 18x26in 160psi 28t 43t 18sq.ft. 1260sq.ft. none  
1667 4-4-0 84in 19x26in 140psi 28t 43t 18sq.ft. 1120sq.ft. none  
1327 4-4-0 84in 18x26in 140psi 28t 42t 18sq.ft. 1315sq.ft. none Johnson
1400 2-4-0 81in 18x26in 140psi 27t 40t 18sq.ft. 1195sq.ft. none Johnson
170 2-4-0 74in 16½x22in 120psi 23t 33t 15sq.ft. 1070sq.ft. none B.P. 1867
2601 4-2-2 93in 19½x26in 180psi 19t 50t 25sq.ft. 1215sq.ft. none Johnson
115 4-2-2 93in 19½x26in 170psi 19t 47t 21sq.ft. 1235sq.ft. none Johnson
25 4-2-2 90in 18½x26in 160psi 18t 41t 20sq.ft. 1240sq.ft. none Johnson
4P Tank 2-6-4T 69in 19x26in 200psi 51t 86t 25sq.ft. 1220sq.ft. 265sq.ft.  
2000 0-6-4T 67in 18½x26in 175psi 53t 72t 21sq.ft. 1330sq.ft. none  
2P Tank 0-4-4T 67in 18x26in 160psi 34t 58t 18sq.ft. 1070sq.ft. none  
Paget 2-6-2 64in 18x12in(8) 180psi 56t 75t 57sq.ft. 1800sq.ft. none Uniflow
1832 0-4-4T 64in 18x24in 150psi 32t 53t 16sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none Johnson
1252 0-4-4T 66in 17x24in 140psi 28t 44t 18sq.ft. 1210sq.ft. none Johnson
690 0-4-4T 62in 17x24in 120psi 28t 44t 16sq.ft. 1075sq.ft. none B.P. 1869
230 2-4-0T 74in 16½x22in 120psi 33t 43t 15sq.ft. 1070sq.ft. none B.P. 1868
4F 0-6-0 63in 20x26in 175psi 49t 49t 21sq.ft. 1160sq.ft. 255sq.ft.  
Garratt 2-6-0+0-6-2T 63in 18½x26in(4) 190psi 122t 156t 45sq.ft. 2135sq.ft. 500sq.ft.  
3P Tank 2-6-2T 63in 17½x26in 200psi 47t 72t 18sq.ft. 795sq.ft. 175sq.ft.  
1357 0-6-0 62in 17½x26in 150psi 40t 40t 18sq.ft. 1225sq.ft. none R.S. 1880
1357 0-6-0 62in 17½x26in 140psi 37t 37t 18sq.ft. 1120sq.ft. none B.P. 1882
1142 0-6-0 58in 17½x26in 140psi 38t 38t 18sq.ft. 1315sq.ft. none Johnson
1142 0-6-0 58in 17½x26in 140psi 36t 36t 18sq.ft. 1215sq.ft. none B.P. 1876
480 0-6-0 62in 17x24in 140psi 36t 36t 17sq.ft. 1100sq.ft. none Kirtley
428 0-6-0 60in 16x24in 120psi 36t 36t 17sq.ft. 910sq.ft. none B.P. 1858
7F 0-8-0 56in 19x26in 200psi 61t 61t 24sq.ft. 1585sq.ft. 355sq.ft.  
7F 2-8-0 55in 21x28in 190psi 60t 69t 28sq.ft. 1470sq.ft. 375sq.ft. S&DJR
2290 0-10-0 55in 16¾x28in(4) 180psi 74t 74t 32sq.ft. 1720sq.ft. 445sq.ft.  
3F Tank 0-6-0T 55in 18x26in 160psi 50t 50t 16sq.ft. 1065sq.ft. none  
2F Tank 0-6-0T 47in 17x22in 160psi 44t 44t 15sq.ft. 1010sq.ft. none  
880 0-6-0T 50in 16x24in 120psi 37t 37t 15sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. none B.P. 1871
Kitson 0-4-0T 46in 15½x20in 160psi 34t 34t 12sq.ft. 660sq.ft. none  

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