Southern Railway steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Dia. x Stroke
A-3 0-6-0 50in 19x24in 200psi 53t 53t 22sq.ft. 1570sq.ft. none  
A-4 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 185psi 58t 58t 28sq.ft. 1540sq.ft. none  
A-7 0-6-0 51in 20x26in 185psi 66t 66t 29sq.ft. 2490sq.ft. none  
A-8 0-6-0 50in 20x24in 185psi 64t 64t 27sq.ft. 2275sq.ft. none  
As-10 0-8-0 51in 24x28in 185psi 95t 95t 42sq.ft. 2440sq.ft. 560sq.ft.  
As-11 0-8-0 51in 25x28in 175psi 97t 97t 47sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. 615sq.ft. USRA
B-14 4-4-0 72in 18x24in 180psi 32t 51t 19sq.ft. 1715sq.ft. none 8200
B-14 4-4-0 66in 18x24in 180psi 32t 50t 19sq.ft. 1715sq.ft. none 8202
B-16 4-4-0 69in 19x26in 200psi 42t 59t 31sq.ft. 2365sq.ft. none  
B-16s 4-4-0 69in 19x26in 180psi 43t 61t 31sq.ft. 1765sq.ft. 350sq.ft.  
C 4-4-2 79in 20½x26in 200psi 49t 86t 45sq.ft. 3225sq.ft. none  
E-20 4-6-0 56in 20x26in 190psi 53t 71t 29sq.ft. 2615sq.ft. none  
Es-20 4-6-0 56in 20x26in 200psi 55t 73t 29sq.ft. 1970sq.ft. 350sq.ft.  
E-21 4-6-0 58in 19x26in 200psi 53t 66t 31sq.ft. 2175sq.ft. none  
Es-22 4-6-0 58in 21x28in 200psi 68t 84t 35sq.ft. 2210sq.ft. 450sq.ft.  
F-7 4-6-0 69in 19x26in 200psi 51t 67t 28sq.ft. 2125sq.ft. none  
F-8 4-6-0 68in 19x24in 170psi 45t 59t 28sq.ft. 1775sq.ft. none  
F-11 4-6-0 70in 20x26in 200psi 51t 70t 31sq.ft. 2300sq.ft. none  
Fs-11 4-6-0 70in 20x26in 180psi 61t 78t 31sq.ft. 1765sq.ft. 350sq.ft.  
F-12 4-6-0 72in 21x28in 200psi 53t 71t 34sq.ft. 2400sq.ft. none  
F-14 4-6-0 68in 21x28in 200psi 53t 71t 34sq.ft. 2400sq.ft. none  
F-16 4-6-0 62in 19x26in 200psi 50t 67t 39sq.ft. 2165sq.ft. none  
Fs-17 4-6-0 68in 21x28in 200psi 67t 87t 49sq.ft. 2270sq.ft. 460sq.ft.  
Fs-21 4-6-0 68in 21x28in 200psi 65t 83t 35sq.ft. 2210sq.ft. 450sq.ft.  
H-1 2-8-0 60in 21x28in 200psi 63t 72t 30sq.ft. 2225sq.ft. none  
H-3 2-8-0 60in 21x28in 200psi 65t 74t 30sq.ft. 2245sq.ft. none  
H-4 2-8-0 57in 21x28in 200psi 66t 75t 30sq.ft. 2245sq.ft. none  
Hs-6 2-8-0 57in 21x30in 200psi 75t 83t 35sq.ft. 2010sq.ft. 425sq.ft.  
H-7 2-8-0 60in 21x28in 180psi 61t 71t 30sq.ft. 2230sq.ft. none  
I 2-8-0 63in 21x28in 200psi 75t 86t 54sq.ft. 2550sq.ft. none  
J 2-8-0 56in 21x28in 200psi 68t 77t 44sq.ft. 2750sq.ft. none  
K 2-8-0 57in 22x30in 200psi 82t 91t 54sq.ft. 3515sq.ft. none  
Ks 2-8-0 57in 22½x30in 215psi 85t 96t 54sq.ft. 2325sq.ft. 525sq.ft.  
Ks-1 2-8-0 57in 24x30in 190psi 85t 98t 54sq.ft. 2515sq.ft. 525sq.ft.  
Ks-3 2-8-0 57in 22x30in 250psi 99t 112t 63sq.ft. 3125sq.ft. 715sq.ft.  
Ks-4 2-8-0 57in 24x30in 190psi 86t 98t 53sq.ft. 2530sq.ft. 525sq.ft.  
Ls-1 2-8-8-2 57in 25/39x30in 210psi 170t 194t 83sq.ft. 4990sq.ft. 1260sq.ft. 4004
Ls-1 2-8-8-2 57in 25/39x30in 210psi 177t 204t 83sq.ft. 4925sq.ft. 1350sq.ft. 4016
Ls-2 2-8-8-2 57in 23x30in(4) 210psi 177t 203t 83sq.ft. 4925sq.ft. 1350sq.ft. 4050
Ls-2 2-8-8-2 57in 23x30in(4) 210psi 186t 213t 83sq.ft. 4975sq.ft. 1420sq.ft. 4051
Ms 2-8-2 63in 27x30in 200psi 105t 129t 62sq.ft. 3585sq.ft. 950sq.ft.  
Ms-1 2-8-2 63in 26x30in 200psi 100t 132t 67sq.ft. 3775sq.ft. 880sq.ft. USRA light
Ms-2 2-8-2+2-8-0T 63:50in 27x30:18x24in 175psi 166t 204t 54sq.ft. 3230sq.ft. 700sq.ft. 4535
Ms-2 2-8-2+2-6-0T 63:54in 27x30:19x24in 175psi 164t 202t 54sq.ft. 3230sq.ft. 700sq.ft. 4561
Ms-3 2-8-2 57in 22x28in 200psi 73t 95t 46sq.ft. 2575sq.ft. 545sq.ft.  
Ms-4 2-8-2 63in 27x32in 200psi 110t 149t 70sq.ft. 4285sq.ft. 1000sq.ft.  
Ms-5 2-8-2 63in 27x32in 210psi 109t 149t 76sq.ft. 3930sq.ft. 900sq.ft. Ex Ss
Ms-7 2-8-2 63in 28x32in 200psi 110t 147t 70sq.ft. 4105sq.ft. 845sq.ft.  
P 4-6-2 72in 22x28in 220psi 63t 100t 54sq.ft. 3880sq.ft. none 314 tubes
P 4-6-2 72in 22x28in 220psi 63t 100t 54sq.ft. 3975sq.ft. none 322 tubes
P-1 4-6-2 63in 22x28in 200psi 65t 98t 54sq.ft. 3880sq.ft. none  
Ps-2 4-6-2 72in 24x28in 200psi 64t 105t 54sq.ft. 3065sq.ft. 675sq.ft.  
Ps-3 4-6-2 68in 22x28in 200psi 59t 94t 46sq.ft. 2575sq.ft. 545sq.ft.  
Ps-4 4-6-2 73in 27x28in 200psi 83t 138t 71sq.ft. 3690sq.ft. 905sq.ft.  
Shay 0-4-4-4-4-0T 46in 17x18in(3) 200psi 152t 152t 48sq.ft. 2450sq.ft. none  
Ss 2-10-2 57in 28x32in 200psi 134t 168t 88sq.ft. 5235sq.ft. 1300sq.ft.  
Ss 2-10-2+2-6-2T 57in 28x32:18x26in 200psi 209t 281t 88sq.ft. 5235sq.ft. 1300sq.ft. 5046
Ss-1 2-10-2 57in 27x32in 200psi 124t 160t 76sq.ft. 4660sq.ft. 1085sq.ft. USRA light
Ts 4-8-2 69in 27x28in 190psi 95t 143t 67sq.ft. 3670sq.ft. 940sq.ft.  
Ts-1 4-8-2 69in 27x30in 200psi 102t 148t 70sq.ft. 4120sq.ft. 965sq.ft. USRA light

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