Omaha Road steam locomotives

Class Wheel
A-1 0-4-0 51in 14x24in 135psi 27t 27t 14sq.ft. 705sq.ft. none Ex 4-4-0
A-2 4-4-0 63in 14x22in 140psi 19t 31t 14sq.ft. 735sq.ft. none Taunton 1871
B-1 4-4-0 64in 15x24in 135psi 16t 29t 11sq.ft. 810sq.ft. none Hinckley 1865
B-2 0-4-0 51in 15x24in 140psi 28t 28t 13sq.ft. 755sq.ft. none Ex 4-4-0
B-3 0-4-0 51in 15x24in 135psi 27t 27t 14sq.ft. 730sq.ft. none Ex 4-4-0
B-4 0-4-0 51in 15x24in 140psi 27t 27t 15sq.ft. 840sq.ft. none Pitts. 1871
B-5 4-4-0 63in 15x24in 140psi 22t 34t 13sq.ft. 905sq.ft. none Baldwin 1872
B-6 4-4-0 63in 15x24in 130psi 19t 29t 15sq.ft. 865sq.ft. none Mason
C-1 4-6-0 57in 16x24in 140psi 20t 32t 15sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. none Pitts. 1877
C-2 4-6-0 57in 16x24in 140psi 19t 31t 13sq.ft. 885sq.ft. none Baldwin 1872
C-3 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 140psi 19t 31t 15sq.ft. 890sq.ft. none Baldwin 1872
C-4 4-4-0 59in 16x24in 140psi 20t 32t 15sq.ft. 890sq.ft. none Baldwin 1873
C-5 0-4-0 51in 16x24in 140psi 27t 27t 13sq.ft. 870sq.ft. none Baldwin 1881
C-6 0-4-0 51in 16x22in 140psi 27t 27t 13sq.ft. 770sq.ft. none Manch. 1882
C-7 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 140psi 18t 28t 14sq.ft. 760sq.ft. none Taunton 1873
C-8 4-4-0 58in 16x24in 140psi 19t 31t 15sq.ft. 900sq.ft. none Baldwin 1880
C-9 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 140psi 20t 30t 15sq.ft. 800sq.ft. none Taunton 1888
D-1 4-4-0 59in 17x24in 140psi 22t 34t 15sq.ft. 1035sq.ft. none Also D-2,3,5
D-4 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 140psi 22t 34t 15sq.ft. 1025sq.ft. none Baldwin 1878
D-6 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 140psi 22t 35t 17sq.ft. 1155sq.ft. none Baldwin 1882
D-7 4-4-0 59in 17x24in 140psi 20t 32t 16sq.ft. 1190sq.ft. none 175 tubes
D-8 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 140psi 21t 33t 16sq.ft. 1200sq.ft. none 177 tubes
D-9 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 140psi 23t 35t 17sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none Schen. 1883
D-10 4-4-0 64in 17x24in 140psi 22t 34t 17sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none Schen. 1883
D-11 0-6-0 51in 17x24in 140psi 35t 35t 20sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. none Schen. 1888
D-12 4-4-0 58in 17x24in 140psi 21t 33t 16sq.ft. 990sq.ft. none Baldwin 1880
D-13 4-6-0 53in 17x24in 140psi 24t 33t 14sq.ft. 975sq.ft. none Baldwin 1879
E 4-6-2 75in 25x28in 185psi 74t 118t 53sq.ft. 3235sq.ft. 690sq.ft. ALCo 1913
E-1 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 160psi 47t 47t 23sq.ft. 1285sq.ft. none Schen. 1892
E-2 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 24t 37t 17sq.ft. 1175sq.ft. none Baldwin 1882
E-3 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 26t 40t 17sq.ft. 1255sq.ft. none Baldwin 1883
E-3 4-6-2 75in 25x28in 260psi 95t 157t 70sq.ft. 4295sq.ft. 2040sq.ft. ALCo 1930
E-4 4-6-0 56in 18x24in 140psi 34t 44t 17sq.ft. 1405sq.ft. none Schen. 1885
E-5 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 140psi 26t 41t 17sq.ft. 1170sq.ft. none RI 1882
E-6 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 140psi 26t 41t 18sq.ft. 1375sq.ft. none Schen. 1886
E-7 4-4-0 64in 18x22in 145psi 28t 42t 17sq.ft. 1565sq.ft. none 229 tubes
E-8 4-4-0 61in 18x24in 140psi 28t 42t 17sq.ft. 1550sq.ft. none 228 tubes
E-9 4-6-0 64in 18x24in 170psi 41t 52t 26sq.ft. 1595sq.ft. none Schen. 1891
F-1 4-6-0 56in 19x24in 170psi 45t 56t 27sq.ft. 1475sq.ft. none Schen. 1891
F-2 4-6-0 59in 19x24in 170psi 45t 57t 27sq.ft. 1545sq.ft. none Schen. 1892
F-3 4-6-0 59in 19x24in 170psi 44t 59t 17sq.ft. 1795sq.ft. none Baldwin 1893
F-4 4-6-0 56in 19x24in 170psi 44t 57t 17sq.ft. 1690sq.ft. none Ex F-1
F-5 4-6-0 67in 19x24in 170psi 46t 58t 27sq.ft. 1755sq.ft. none Schen. 1892
F-6 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 160psi 51t 51t 24sq.ft. 1495sq.ft. none Schen. 1897
F-7 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 190psi 55t 71t 28sq.ft. 2330sq.ft. none Schen. 1897
F-8 4-4-0 73in 19x24in 190psi 38t 59t 27sq.ft. 1855sq.ft. none Schen. 1896
F-9 4-6-0 59in 19x24in 190psi 50t 66t 27sq.ft. 2150sq.ft. none Schen. 1898
F-10 0-6-0 50in 19x24in 160psi 52t 52t 23sq.ft. 1430sq.ft. none Baldwin 1902
G-1 4-6-0 63in 20x26in 190psi 55t 72t 28sq.ft. 2325sq.ft. none Schen. 1899
G-2 4-6-0 69in 20x26in 200psi 55t 72t 30sq.ft. 2365sq.ft. none Schen. 1901
G-3 4-4-2 81in 20x26in 200psi 42t 78t 46sq.ft. 3015sq.ft. none ALCo 1905
H-1 2-8-0 50in 22x28in 140psi 61t 68t 35sq.ft. 2390sq.ft. none Baldwin 1890
H-2 2-8-0 50in 22x28in 160psi 71t 77t 35sq.ft. 2455sq.ft. none Baldwin 1898
I-1 4-6-0 63in 21x26in 200psi 59t 76t 46sq.ft. 3000sq.ft. none ALCo 1901-10
I-1 4-6-0 63in 21x26in 200psi 63t 81t 46sq.ft. 2010sq.ft. 495sq.ft. Rebuilt
I-2 4-6-2 75in 21x26in 200psi 57t 86t 47sq.ft. 3425sq.ft. none ALCo 1903
I-2 4-6-2 75in 21x26in 200psi 61t 96t 47sq.ft. 2495sq.ft. 650sq.ft. Rebuilt
J 2-8-2 61in 27x32in 185psi 104t 138t 63sq.ft. 4155sq.ft. 890sq.ft. ALCo 1913
J-A 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 200psi 108t 145t 63sq.ft. 3755sq.ft. 1110sq.ft. Ex class J
J-1 2-10-2 57in 27x32in 205psi 128t 147t 67sq.ft. 4235sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. Baldwin 1917
J-2 2-8-2 64in 27x32in 200psi 108t 145t 70sq.ft. 4285sq.ft. 995sq.ft. USRA heavy
J-3 2-8-2 63in 27x32in 200psi 113t 151t 70sq.ft. 4325sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. ALCo 1926
J-3 2-8-2 63in 27x32in 200psi 113t 151t 70sq.ft. 4390sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. Syphons
K-1 4-6-0 63in 23x26in 189psi 63t 84t 46sq.ft. 2295sq.ft. 440sq.ft. ALCo 1911
M-1 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 180psi 60t 60t 22sq.ft. 1375sq.ft. none  
M-1 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 200psi 59t 59t 22sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. 205sq.ft.  
M-2 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 190psi 78t 78t 33sq.ft. 2475sq.ft. none ALCo 1917
M-3 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 180psi 75t 75t 33sq.ft. 1890sq.ft. 475sq.ft. USRA
M-3 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 190psi 75t 75t 33sq.ft. 2455sq.ft. none ALCo 1921
M-5 0-8-0 51in 25x28in 200psi 108t 108t 47sq.ft. 2385sq.ft. 810sq.ft. Baldwin 1928
Z 2-8-0 61in 25x32in 185psi 97t 110t 53sq.ft. 2975sq.ft. 610sq.ft.  

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