New Haven steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Diameter x Stroke
A-1 4-4-0 73in 20x24in 190psi 20t 39t 30sq.ft. 2130sq.ft. none  
A-1-a 4-4-0 73in 20x24in 200psi 22t 48t 30sq.ft. 1525sq.ft. 310sq.ft.  
A-2 4-4-0 78in 20x26in 180psi 38t 57t 34sq.ft. 1290sq.ft. none  
A-3 4-4-0 78in 20x26in 200psi 37t 61t 30sq.ft. 2100sq.ft. none  
A-3-a 4-4-0 78in 20x26in 200psi 41t 63t 30sq.ft. 1525sq.ft. 310sq.ft.  
B-1 4-4-0 73in 19x24in 200psi 35t 55t   2000sq.ft. none No. 1410
B-2 4-4-0 69in 19x24in 180psi 31t 50t   1500sq.ft. none RI 1892
B-3 4-4-0 69in 19x24in 160psi 32t 49t   1475sq.ft. none Rogers 1892
B-4 4-4-0 69in 20x22in 180psi 35t 55t 19sq.ft. 1800sq.ft. none Baldwin 1888
B-4 4-4-0 69in 19x24in 180psi 35t 55t 19sq.ft. 1800sq.ft. none Rebuilt
C-1-a 4-4-0 69in 18½x24in 180psi 30t 48t   1350sq.ft. none RI 1891
C-1-b 4-4-0 69in 18½x24in 180psi 30t 49t   1225sq.ft. none No. 1650
C-2 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 160psi 29t 45t   1350sq.ft. none or 140psi
C-3 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 180psi 31t 49t 18sq.ft. 1400sq.ft. none  
C-4-a 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 160psi 29t 48t   1400sq.ft. none Rogers 1890
C-4-b 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 165psi 29t 48t   1325sq.ft. none Rogers 1892
C-5 4-4-0 73in 18x24in 160psi 30t 47t   1250sq.ft. none or 135psi
C-6-a 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 160psi 27t 44t   1275sq.ft. none No. 1749
C-6-b 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 27t 43t   1400sq.ft. none RI 1883
C-6-c 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 27t 43t   1325sq.ft. none RI 1883
C-7 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 25t 40t   1400sq.ft. none OCRR 1883
C-8 4-4-0 69in 18x24in   24t 37t     none  
C-9 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 140psi 24t 38t   1225sq.ft. none or 120psi
C-10 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 160psi 32t 47t   1325sq.ft. none Cooke 1890
C-11-a 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 160psi 28t 44t   1225sq.ft. none RI 1889
C-11-b 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 160psi 29t 45t   1250sq.ft. none or 145-150psi
C-11-c 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 135psi 28t 44t   1275sq.ft. none Taunton 1884
C-11-d 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 155psi 29t 45t   1325sq.ft. none or 145psi
C-12 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 155psi 27t 41t     none or 135-140psi
C-13-a 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 150psi 24t 39t   1175sq.ft. none 1874-1879
C-13-b 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 140psi 24t 39t   1225sq.ft. none 1879-1893
C-14 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 140psi 24t 42t   1075sq.ft. none Rogers '82-6
C-15 4-4-0 69in 18x26in 200psi 24t 42t   1075sq.ft. none 1901-1903
C-16 4-4-0 63in 18x26in 150psi 34t 49t   1350sq.ft. none Mason 1886
C-17 4-4-0 63in 18x26in 180psi 30t 45t   1400sq.ft. none or 130psi
C-18 4-4-0 63in 18x26in 150psi 28t 43t     none or 140psi
C-19-a 4-4-0 69in 18x22in 150psi 24t 39t   1200sq.ft. none 1885-1887
C-19-b 4-4-0 69in 18x22in 140psi 25t 42t     none No. 1764
C-20 4-4-0 67in 18x22in 145psi 24t 39t     none or 140psi
C-21 4-4-0 63in 18x22in 160psi 24t 40t     none or 145psi
C-22 4-4-0 79in 18x26in 160psi 33t 53t   1325sq.ft. none OCRR 1893
D-1 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 180psi 30t 46t   1150sq.ft. none 1897-1899
D-2 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 165psi 30t 44t     none or 140-160psi
D-3-a 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 160psi 30t 44t   1275sq.ft. none or 140-150psi
D-3-b 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 160psi 27t 43t   1225sq.ft. none or 135-150psi
D-4 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 140psi 24t 39t     none 1878-1882
D-5 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 145psi 24t 36t     none or 135-140psi
D-6 4-4-0 69in 17x24in 160psi 22t 34t     none or 120-135psi
D-7 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 180psi 34t 49t     none NERR 1897-8
D-8 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 145psi 30t 45t     none or 140psi
D-9 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 155psi 29t 44t   1225sq.ft. none NERR '88-95
D-10-a 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 180psi 28t 44t   1150sq.ft. none 1880-1899
D-10-b 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 150psi 25t 41t   1150sq.ft. none or 140-145psi
D-11 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 140psi 24t 37t     none or 130-135psi
D-12 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 160psi 22t 35t     none or 130-145psi
D-13 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 155psi 21t 33t     none or 120-140psi
D-14 4-4-0 56in 17x24in 120psi 21t 34t     none No. 1947
D-15 4-4-0 69in 17x22in 180psi 24t 36t     none or 140-150psi
D-16 4-4-0 69in 17x22in 130psi 21t 34t     none or 120-125psi
D-17 4-4-0 63in 17x22in 160psi 20t 33t     none or 120-125psi
E-1 4-4-0 69in 16x24in 180psi 30t 41t     none or 140-150psi
E-2 4-4-0 69in 16x24in 140psi 23t 36t     none or 135psi
E-3 4-4-0 69in 16x24in 180psi 20t 33t     none or 130-140psi
E-4 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 180psi 26t 40t   1250sq.ft. none or 140psi
E-4 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 180psi 26t 40t   1050sq.ft. none No. 2018
E-4 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 150psi 26t 40t   1175sq.ft. none No. 2021
E-5 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 180psi 24t 36t     none or 135-140psi
E-6 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 140psi 22t 34t     none or 120-135psi
E-7 4-4-0 63in 16x24in 150psi 20t 32t     none or 120-140psi
E-8 4-4-0 56in 16x24in 140psi 20t 32t     none or 120psi
E-9 4-4-0 69in 16x22in 135psi 21t 32t     none or 120psi
E-10 4-4-0 63in 16x22in 180psi 21t 32t     none or 115-135psi
E-11 4-4-0 69in 15x22in 120psi 20t 32t     none or 115psi
E-12 4-4-0 63in 15x22in 135psi 19t 30t     none or 115-130psi
E-13 4-4-0 69in 14x20in 130psi 21t 32t   730sq.ft. none No. 2051
E-14 4-4-0 63in 14x24in   20t 29t     none or 14x22in
E-15 4-4-0 64in 14x24in 125psi 19t 31t   800sq.ft. none Taunton 1876
F-1 4-4-2 79in 21x26in 200psi 48t 91t 53sq.ft. 3255sq.ft. none Original
F-1 4-4-2 79in 22x26in 190psi 48t 94t 53sq.ft. 2685sq.ft. 540sq.ft. Rblt.,later H-1
F-3 2-8-0 50in 20x24in 180psi 58t 66t 31sq.ft.   none CNE 110
F-5 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 180psi 83t 97t 53sq.ft. 2525sq.ft. 495sq.ft. CNE 150
G-1 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 180psi 45t 62t   1800sq.ft. none  
G-2-a 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 160psi 40t 53t   1800sq.ft. none  
G-2-b 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 160psi 42t 55t   1650sq.ft. none  
G-2-c 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 160psi 42t 55t   1825sq.ft. none  
G-2-d 4-6-0 57in 19x26in 160psi 42t 57t   1800sq.ft. none  
G-3 4-6-0 56in 19x22in 160psi 32t 45t   1450sq.ft. none  
G-4-a 4-6-0 73in 21x26in 200psi 60t 75t 35sq.ft. 2665sq.ft. none Original
G-4-a 4-6-0 73in 22x26in 190psi 61t 79t 35sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. 400sq.ft. Rebuilt
G-4-b 4-6-0 73in 15/25x26in 200psi 60t 75t 35sq.ft. 2665sq.ft. none  
H-1 4-6-0 56in 18x24in 160psi 39t 51t   1475sq.ft. none or 145psi
H-2 4-6-0 56in 18x24in 160psi 36t 45t     none or 145-150psi
H-3 4-6-0 56in 18x24in 150psi 29t 41t   1400sq.ft. none No. 930
H-4 4-6-0 56in 17x24in 140psi 29t 40t   1325sq.ft. none No. 931
I-1 4-6-2 73in 22x28in 200psi 61t 103t 53sq.ft. 3935sq.ft. none  
I-2 4-6-2 73in 24x28in 200psi 70t 114t 53sq.ft. 3285sq.ft. 780sq.ft.  
I-3 4-6-2 79in 24x28in 200psi 73t 117t 53sq.ft. 3355sq.ft. 730sq.ft.  
I-4 4-6-2 79in 26x28in 200psi 81t 121t 59sq.ft. 3315sq.ft. 775sq.ft.  
I-4-e 4-6-2 79in 25x28in 200psi 81t 130t 59sq.ft. 3385sq.ft. 775sq.ft. Syphons
I-4-f 4-6-2 79in 25x28in 200psi 82t 133t 59sq.ft. 3575sq.ft. 1425sq.ft. Type E sup.
I-5 4-6-4 80in 22x30in 285psi 88t 166t 77sq.ft. 3815sq.ft. 1040sq.ft.  
J-1 2-8-2 63in 25x30in 180psi 84t 114t 53sq.ft. 2870sq.ft. 655sq.ft.  
J-2 2-8-2 63in 26x34in 200psi 109t 140t 59sq.ft. 3865sq.ft. 870sq.ft.  
K-1-a 2-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 57t 66t 30sq.ft. 2140sq.ft. none Schen. 1896
K-1-b 2-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 60t 69t 30sq.ft. 2060sq.ft. none 298 tubes
K-1-b 2-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 60t 69t 30sq.ft. 2125sq.ft. none 308 tubes
K-1-c 2-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 60t 70t 44sq.ft. 2275sq.ft. none RI 1902
K-1-d 2-6-0 63in 14/26x28in 190psi 60t 71t 30sq.ft. 2125sq.ft. none Tandem cpd.
K-1-d 2-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 60t 69t 30sq.ft. 1645sq.ft. 290sq.ft. Ex K-1-b
K-2 2-6-0 63in 20x26in 180psi 49t 57t   1625sq.ft. none RI 1893
K-3 2-6-0 58in 20x26in 155psi 50t 58t   1575sq.ft. none Rome, RI '89
K-4 2-6-0 63in 20x24in 150psi 50t 59t   1650sq.ft. none No. 525
K-5 2-6-0 63in 20x26in 180psi 54t 63t   2000sq.ft. none RI 1895
L-1-a 2-10-2 63in 30x32in 200psi 136t 164t 82sq.ft. 4445sq.ft. 1115sq.ft.  
M-1 2-6-0 63in 19x24in 165psi 44t 52t   1425sq.ft. none or 160psi
M-2 2-6-0 58in 19x24in 165psi 45t 54t   1400sq.ft. none Rogers 1892
M-3 2-6-0 57in 19x24in 165psi 44t 52t   1425sq.ft. none or 160psi
M-4 2-6-0 58in 19x24in 160psi 44t 51t   1400sq.ft. none Cooke 1890
M-5 2-6-0 57in 19x24in 160psi 41t 49t   1425sq.ft. none or 150psi
M-6 2-6-0 57in 19x24in 150psi 42t 49t   1425sq.ft. none or 130psi
M-7 2-6-0 58in 19x24in 150psi 41t 47t   1325sq.ft. none RI 1989
M-8 2-6-0 57in 19x24in 160psi 43t 49t   1375sq.ft. none 1900
N-1 2-6-0 57in 18x24in 145psi 47t 54t   1200sq.ft. none RI 1884-90
N-2 2-6-0 57in 18x24in 160psi 38t 47t   1400sq.ft. none or 140psi
N-3-a 2-6-0 58in 18x24in 140psi 36t 45t   1250sq.ft. none RI,Hink '79-80
N-3-b 2-6-0 58in 18x24in 140psi 39t 48t   1250sq.ft. none RI,Grant 81-3
O-1 0-4-6T 42in 12x16in 200psi 33t 50t     none Railcar
9210 0-4-4T 42in 6½/11x9in 1200psi 47t 93t Flash boiler Railcar
P-1 2-8-0 51in 21x26in 180psi 64t 71t 34sq.ft. 2400sq.ft. none  
P-2 2-8-0 57in 15/25x26in 180psi 57t 66t   1775sq.ft. none Vauclain cpd.
P-2 2-8-0 57in 20x26in 180psi 57t 65t   1775sq.ft. none Rebuilt
P-3 2-8-0 51in 22x22in 130psi 43t 50t   1300sq.ft. none Hinkley '81-2
P-4 2-8-0 51in 20x24in 130psi 44t 51t   1300sq.ft. none Hinkley 1881
P-4-a 2-8-0 50in 20x24in 140psi 46t 54t 31sq.ft.   none CNE 25
P-5 2-8-0 51in 19x24in 130psi 42t 50t   1300sq.ft. none Hinkley '81-2
R-1 4-8-2 69in 27x30in 200psi 102t 148t 70sq.ft. 4120sq.ft. 965sq.ft. USRA light
R-2-a 4-8-2 69in 27x30in 265psi 112t 164t 71sq.ft. 4135sq.ft. 1760sq.ft. Water-tube
R-3 4-8-2 69in 22x30in(3) 265psi 116t 170t 71sq.ft. 4325sq.ft. 1760sq.ft. Water-tube
R-3-a 4-8-2 69in 22x30in(3) 265psi 118t 172t 71sq.ft. 4085sq.ft. 1745sq.ft.  
S-1 0-4-6T 57in 17x20in 150psi 29t 52t   925sq.ft. none or 140psi
S-2 0-4-4T 57in 16x20in 135psi 29t 44t   950sq.ft. none No. 2115
S-3 0-4-4T 57in 16x20in 150psi 26t 41t   925sq.ft. none or 130psi
S-4 0-4-4T 53in 16x20in 135psi 29t 44t   840sq.ft. none or 130psi
S-5 0-4-4T 57in 15x20in 150psi 31t 47t   925sq.ft. none RI 1891
S-6 0-4-4T 57in 15x20in 150psi 26t 43t   900sq.ft. none or 140-145psi
S-7 2-4-4T 51in 15x22in 125psi 23t 38t   740sq.ft. none Rogers 1875
S-8 0-4-4T 49in 14x20in 160psi 24t 38t   550sq.ft. none Rogers 1891
T-1 0-6-0 51in 20½(1)/31(1)x26in 215psi 60t 60t 28sq.ft. 1550sq.ft. none Later 200psi
T-2 0-6-0 51in 19x26in 215psi 60t 60t 28sq.ft. 1550sq.ft. none Later 200psi
T-3 0-6-0 51in 20x24in 180psi 55t 55t 23sq.ft.   none CNE 1
T-3 0-6-0T 51in 20x24in 180psi 66t 66t 23sq.ft.   none Rebuilt
T-4 0-6-0T 51in 19x26in 200psi 73t 73t 28sq.ft. 1550sq.ft. none Ex T-2
U-1-a 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 160psi 42t 42t   1400sq.ft. none or 140-150psi
U-1-b 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 150psi 44t 44t   1000sq.ft. none Rogers '89-91
U-1-c 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 180psi 44t 44t   1525sq.ft. none No. 2520
U-2 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 135psi 39t 39t   1000sq.ft. none RI 1882
U-3 0-6-0 45in 18x24in 160psi 43t 43t   1700sq.ft. none or 145-150psi
U-3 0-6-0T 45in 18x24in 160psi 45t 45t   1700sq.ft. none Rebuilt
U-4 0-6-0 45in 18x24in 150psi 41t 41t   1250sq.ft. none Rome 1890
U-5 0-6-0 45in 18x24in 150psi 40t 40t   1500sq.ft. none or 145psi
V-1 0-6-0 57in 17x24in 130psi 32t 32t   1100sq.ft. none No. 2700
V-2 0-6-0 51in 17x24in 145psi 42t 42t   1225sq.ft. none or 140psi
V-3 0-6-0 51in 16x24in 180psi 40t 40t   1300sq.ft. none No. 2705
V-3 0-6-0T 51in 16x24in 180psi 42t 42t   1300sq.ft. none Rebuilt
V-4 0-6-0 51in 16x22in 140psi 32t 32t     none or 125psi
V-5 0-6-0 45in 16x22in 140psi 31t 31t     none or 130-135psi
X-1 0-4-0 55in 18x24in 140psi 32t 32t   1225sq.ft. none No. 2800
X-2 0-4-0 51in 17x24in 145psi 34t 34t   1000sq.ft. none RI 1884
X-3 0-4-0 55in 17x22in   31t 31t     none Rogers
X-4 0-4-0 57in 17x20in 140psi 34t 34t   1050sq.ft. none No. 2803
X-5 0-4-0 57in 16x24in 140psi 32t 32t     none or 130psi
X-6 0-4-0 51in 16x24in 180psi 33t 33t   825sq.ft. none or 130-140psi
X-6 0-4-0T 51in 16x24in 180psi 35t 35t   825sq.ft. none Rebuilt
X-7 0-4-0 51in 16x24in 140psi 28t 28t     none or 130-135psi
X-8 0-4-0 45in 16x22in 175psi 30t 30t   925sq.ft. none No. 2824
X-8 0-4-0T 45in 16x22in 175psi 32t 32t   925sq.ft. none Rebuilt
X-9 0-4-0 51in 16x20in 140psi 29t 29t   860sq.ft. none No. 2826
Y-1 0-4-0 51in 15x24in 150psi 24t 24t     none or 130-140psi
Y-2 0-4-0 51in 15x22in 140psi 24t 24t     none or 120-135psi
Y-2 0-4-0T 51in 15x22in 130psi 26t 26t     none No. 2906
Y-3 0-4-0 51in 14x24in 140psi 24t 24t   600sq.ft. none or 120-135psi
Y-3 0-4-0T 53in 14x24in 125psi 26t 26t   600sq.ft. none No. 2913
Y-4 0-4-0 45in 14x22in, later 16x 160psi 30t 30t   925sq.ft. none No. 2825, X-8
Y-5 0-4-0 44in 14x20in 120psi 20t 20t   675sq.ft. none OCRR 1878
Y-6 0-4-0T 45in 12x22in 115psi 25t 25t     none Taunton '72-6
Y-7 0-4-0 41in 12x20in 100psi 18t 18t   575sq.ft. none  
Y-8 0-4-0T 43in 11x15in 120psi 21t 21t     none Later O-2
Y-2 0-8-0 51in 22x28in 200psi 92t 92t 48sq.ft. 3450sq.ft. none CNE 10
Y-3 0-8-0 51in 25x28in 175psi 97t 97t 47sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. 615sq.ft. USRA
Y-4 0-8-0 57in 22x28in(3) 200psi 111t 111t 56sq.ft. 3030sq.ft. 740sq.ft.  
Z-1 2-4-6T 57in 16x24in 140psi 31t 60t     none Mason-Fairlie
Z-2 2-4-4T 51in 14x18in 130psi 21t 44t   650sq.ft. none Mason-Fairlie

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