Minneapolis & St. Louis steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Dia. x Str.
A1-11 0-4-0T 52in 16x22in 135psi 30t 30t 13sq.ft. 950sq.ft. none  
A1-13 0-4-0 52in 16x22in 135psi 26t 26t 13sq.ft. 950sq.ft. none  
B1 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 165psi 41t 41t 16sq.ft. 1520sq.ft. none  
B2-23 0-6-0 51in 18x26in 160psi 43t 43t 21sq.ft. 1265sq.ft. none  
B2-27 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 190psi 53t 53t 23sq.ft. 1420sq.ft. none  
B3 0-6-0 57in 21x28in 190psi 78t 78t 33sq.ft. 1985sq.ft. 450sq.ft.  
D6 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 170psi 33t 49t 23sq.ft. 1530sq.ft. none Ex 18(1)/27(1)x24
D7 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 170psi 26t 43t 17sq.ft. 1240sq.ft. none  
D8 4-4-0 63in 17½x24in 165psi 25t 43t 17sq.ft. 1460sq.ft. none 1900 boiler
D8 4-4-0 67in 17½x24in 170psi 29t 46t 17sq.ft. 1455sq.ft. none 1905 boiler
D9 4-4-0 69in 19½x26in 200psi 45t 66t 30sq.ft. 2005sq.ft. none  
F1-27 2-6-0 63in 20x26in 190psi 54t 65t 27sq.ft. 2190sq.ft. none  
F1-28 2-6-0 63in 20x26in 200psi 58t 68t 27sq.ft. 2190sq.ft. none  
F2-22 2-6-0 51in 19x24in 160psi 43t 50t 23sq.ft. 1330sq.ft. none  
F2-33 2-6-0 57in 20x28in 200psi 57t 68t 40sq.ft. 2210sq.ft. none  
F3 2-6-0 51in 20x26in 175psi 63t 71t 25sq.ft. 1840sq.ft. none  
F4 2-6-0 51in 20x26in 190psi 64t 73t 30sq.ft. 1950sq.ft. none  
F5 2-6-0 51in 20½x26in 175psi 63t 71t 25sq.ft. 1965sq.ft. none  
G1 4-6-0 55in 18½x24in 165psi 38t 52t 17sq.ft. 1405sq.ft. none  
G2 4-6-0 62in 17x26in 200psi 43t 55t 23sq.ft. 1460sq.ft. none  
G3 4-6-0 69in 18½x26in 200psi 52t 69t 27sq.ft. 2270sq.ft. none  
G4 4-6-0 51in 19x24in 170psi 42t 52t 26sq.ft. 1420sq.ft. none  
G5 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 180psi 49t 65t 28sq.ft. 1580sq.ft. none  
G6 4-6-0 68in 21x26in 200psi 66t 83t 43sq.ft. 2650sq.ft. none Original
G6 4-6-0 67in 21x26in 185psi 60t 76t 43sq.ft. 2080sq.ft. 450sq.ft. Rebuilt
G7 4-6-0 63in 19x26in 185psi 54t 69t 30sq.ft. 1800sq.ft. none  
H1 2-8-0 55in 21x26in 180psi 68t 75t 32sq.ft. 1615sq.ft. none  
H2 2-8-0 59in 21x30in 200psi 68t 78t 42sq.ft. 2025sq.ft. 425sq.ft.  
H4 2-8-0 55in 21x26in 190psi 66t 75t 34sq.ft. 2315sq.ft. none  
H5-39 2-8-0 59in 22x30in 185psi 79t 91t 50sq.ft. 2130sq.ft. 425sq.ft.  
H5-42 2-8-0 59in 22x30in 200psi 84t 96t 50sq.ft. 2125sq.ft. 525sq.ft. Syphon
H6 2-8-0 59in 21x30in 200psi 78t 91t 50sq.ft. 2130sq.ft. 425sq.ft.  
K1 4-6-2 69in 22x28in 190psi 62t 102t 49sq.ft. 2350sq.ft. 575sq.ft.  
M1 2-8-2 59in 24x30in 185psi 93t 118t 55sq.ft. 3000sq.ft. 700sq.ft.  
M2 2-8-2 59in 24x30in 200psi 97t 129t 55sq.ft. 3050sq.ft. 700sq.ft. Booster

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