Maine Central/Portland Terminal steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Dia. x Str.
A 2-10-2 61in 29x32in 190psi 132t 167t 80sq.ft. 4645sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. B&M S-1-c
C 4-6-2 73in 22x28in 200psi 63t 97t 50sq.ft. 3445sq.ft. none  
C-1 4-6-2 73in 22x28in 200psi 65t 103t 50sq.ft. 2720sq.ft. 575sq.ft.  
C-2 4-6-2 73in 22x28in 200psi 68t 108t 50sq.ft. 2580sq.ft. 520sq.ft.  
C-3a 4-6-2 73in 25x28in 195psi 86t 122t 57sq.ft. 2975sq.ft. 635sq.ft. Booster
C-3b 4-6-2 73in 25x28in 195psi 81t 123t 57sq.ft. 2975sq.ft. 635sq.ft. Booster
D 4-6-4 73in 23x28in 240psi 82t 142t 63sq.ft. 3825sq.ft. 1760sq.ft. Booster
G-3 4-6-0 57in 18x24in 170psi 43t 54t 22sq.ft. 1605sq.ft. none  
H 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 180psi 37t 57t 26sq.ft. 1750sq.ft. none  
J 0-8-0 57in 25x30in 180psi 104t 104t 53sq.ft. 2575sq.ft. 590sq.ft. B&M H-1
J-1 0-8-0 52in 25x28in 175psi 100t 100t 47sq.ft. 2775sq.ft. 640sq.ft. B&M H-2
K 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 150psi 45t 45t 18sq.ft. 1330sq.ft. none PTC 805
K 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 180psi 57t 57t 68sq.ft. 1390sq.ft. none PTC 809
K 0-6-0 51in 19x24in 160psi 56t 56t 23sq.ft. 1635sq.ft. none PTC 820
K-5 0-6-0 51in 20x26in 180psi 62t 62t 31sq.ft. 1760sq.ft. none  
K-8 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 180psi 75t 75t 33sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. 400sq.ft.  
K-9 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 190psi 74t 74t 33sq.ft. 1890sq.ft. 475sq.ft. USRA
K-10 0-6-0 51in 18x24in 180psi 49t 49t 22sq.ft. 1200sq.ft. none  
N 4-6-0 69in 19x24in 200psi 48t 64t 27sq.ft. 2030sq.ft. none 275
N 4-6-0 69in 19x24in 200psi 48t 64t 27sq.ft. 1980sq.ft. none 279
N 4-6-0 73in 19x26in 200psi 53t 71t 41sq.ft. 2170sq.ft. none 284
O 4-6-0 63in 21x26in 200psi 59t 78t 46sq.ft. 3050sq.ft. none Stephenson
O-1 4-6-0 63in 21x26in 200psi 61t 78t 46sq.ft. 3050sq.ft. none Walschaerts
O-2 4-6-0 63in 21x26in 200psi 63t 81t 45sq.ft. 2970sq.ft. none  
O-3 4-6-0 67in 22x28in 190psi 71t 93t 50sq.ft. 2330sq.ft. 550sq.ft.  
O-4 4-6-0 63in 20x28in 200psi 62t 83t 45sq.ft. 2005sq.ft. 440sq.ft.  
S 2-8-2 63in 26½x30in 180psi 97t 125t 57sq.ft. 3105sq.ft. 635sq.ft.  
S-1 2-8-2 63in 26x30in 200psi 100t 132t 67sq.ft. 3775sq.ft. 880sq.ft. USRA
S-2 2-8-2 63in 26½x30in 180psi 99t 135t 57sq.ft. 3105sq.ft. 635sq.ft. Booster
W 2-8-0 63in 22x28in 200psi 78t 90t 50sq.ft. 2930sq.ft. none  
W-1 2-8-0 63in 23x28in 185psi 78t 90t 50sq.ft. 2290sq.ft. 445sq.ft.  
W-2 2-8-0 63in 23x28in 185psi 79t 92t 50sq.ft. 2290sq.ft. 445sq.ft.  
X 2-6-6-2 61in 22/35x30in 200psi 123t 143t 50sq.ft. 4645sq.ft. none B&M M-1

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