CF Moçambique/Swaziland Rly. steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Diam. x Str.
9 4-6-0T 45in 14x20in 150psi 28t 34t 12sq.ft. 765sq.ft. none  
10 4-8-0 42in 17x23in 160psi 36t 47t 18sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. none RR 7
20 0-6-4T 51in 43x63cm 160psi 32t 46t 16sq.ft. 935sq.ft. none ZASM 46-t
50 0-8-0T 39in 45x50cm 185psi 60t 60t 22sq.ft. 990sq.ft. none  
51 0-8-2T 39in 45x50cm 185psi 48t 59t 22sq.ft. 990sq.ft. none  
61 0-10-0T 39in 48x50cm 185psi 56t 56t 17sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none  
81 2-8-2T 45in 53x55cm 200psi 60t 77t 27sq.ft. 1260sq.ft. none  
91 2-8-2T 50in 21½x22in 185psi 62t 79t 25sq.ft. 1525sq.ft. none  
100 2-6-6-0 45in 17½/28x26in 200psi 80t 89t 40sq.ft. 2545sq.ft. none Mallet
141 2-8-2 47in 17¾x24in 225psi 53t 63t 31sq.ft. 1530sq.ft. 460sq.ft. C-O 50.0
200 2-10-2 48in 21½x24in 170psi 66t 82t 35sq.ft. 2355sq.ft. 530sq.ft.  
251 2-10-2 48in 21½x24in 185psi 67t 85t 54sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. 755sq.ft.  
331 4-6-2 60in 19x26in 200psi 48t 74t 41sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. 550sq.ft.  
401 2-8-2 48in 19x24in 190psi 53t 68t 35sq.ft. 1850sq.ft. 440sq.ft.  
415 2-8-2 48in 19x24in 200psi 54t 73t 41sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. 550sq.ft.  
421 4-8-2 57in 22x28in 185psi 65t 92t 37sq.ft. 2315sq.ft. 535sq.ft.  
441 4-8-2 48in 22x24in 180psi 53t 77t 35sq.ft. 2285sq.ft. 580sq.ft. RR 11
451 4-8-2 48in 21x24in 200psi 55t 81t 36sq.ft. 2300sq.ft. 580sq.ft. RR 11A
491 4-8-2 51in 21x26in 200psi 54t 81t 35sq.ft. 2285sq.ft. 580sq.ft. RR 12A
501 2-6-2 53in 197/8x22in 170psi 35t 49t 24sq.ft. 1130sq.ft. 415sq.ft.  
701 4-8-2 60in 24½x28in 200psi 79t 114t 63sq.ft. 2605sq.ft. 805sq.ft.  
721 4-8-2 60in 24x28in 210psi 73t 109t 63sq.ft. 3400sq.ft. 675sq.ft. SAR 15E
901 2-6-2+2-6-2T 48in 16x24in(4) 180psi 81t 126t 39sq.ft. 1850sq.ft. 380sq.ft. RR 14
911 4-6-2+2-6-4T 54in 16x26in(4) 185psi 83t 144t 44sq.ft. 2240sq.ft. 475sq.ft. SAR GF
921 4-6-4+4-6-4T 57in 16¾x26in(4) 190psi 83t 166t 43sq.ft. 1960sq.ft. 440sq.ft. SGR 250
951 4-8-2+2-8-4T 45in 19x24in(4) 180psi 107t 184t 57sq.ft. 2500sq.ft. 610sq.ft. Garratt
971 4-8-2+2-8-4T 48in 19x24in(4) 200psi 115t 194t 61sq.ft. 2625sq.ft. 875sq.ft. Garratt
981 2-8-2+2-8-2T 45in 19x24in(4) 180psi 104t 152t 51sq.ft. 2540sq.ft. 470sq.ft. WD Heavy

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