Great Northern Railway steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
A 0-4-2 67in 17½x24in 140psi 26t 32t 16sq.ft. 840sq.ft. none Also A2
A3 0-4-2 67in 17½x24in 160psi 27t 36t 16sq.ft. 915sq.ft. none Also A4
21 2-2-2 78in 15x21in 120psi 12t 29t 13sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none  
201 2-2-2 72in 16x22in 120psi 10t 24t 15sq.ft. 800sq.ft. none "Jenny Lind"
203 2-2-2 78in 16x22in 120psi 11t 28t 14sq.ft. 990sq.ft. none  
229 2-2-2 84in 17x22in 150psi 13t 35t 21sq.ft. 1060sq.ft. none  
B 2-2-2 85in 17x24in 130psi 15t 34t 16sq.ft. 1010sq.ft. none  
C 0-6-0T 61in 17x24in 130psi 30t 30t 13sq.ft. 560sq.ft. none  
241 0-4-2T 66in 16½x22in 150psi 27t 41t 13sq.ft. 870sq.ft. none  
D 0-4-2T 67in 17½x24in 130psi 27t 42t 14sq.ft. 920sq.ft. none  
116 0-6-0 60in 16x22in 120psi 28t 28t 13sq.ft. 895sq.ft. none  
168 0-6-0 60in 16x24in 130psi 30t 30t 15sq.ft. 1000sq.ft. none  
308 0-6-0 63in 16½x24in 130psi 31t 31t 15sq.ft. 1110sq.ft. none  
328 0-6-0 63in 16x24in 130psi 34t 34t 15sq.ft. 1300sq.ft. none  
400 0-6-0+0-6-0T 63:49in 16x24:12x17in 130psi 64t 64t 26sq.ft. 1100sq.ft. none Steam tender
E 0-6-0 61in 17x24in 130psi 33t 33t 18sq.ft. 1080sq.ft. none  
EE 0-6-0 68in 18x26in 170psi 47t 47t 19sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none LNER J1
172 0-6-0 61in 17½x26in 140psi 37t 37t 16sq.ft. 920sq.ft. none LNER J7
315 0-6-0 61in 17½x26in 170psi 41t 41t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none LNER J5
EE2 0-6-0 62in 18x26in 170psi 47t 47t 19sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none LNER J5
F 4-2-2 90in 17x24in 130psi 13t 38t 20sq.ft. 1720sq.ft. none  
G 4-2-2 97in 18x28in 140psi 15t 39t 18sq.ft. 1165sq.ft. none  
G2 4-2-2 97in 18x28in 160psi 17t 45t 18sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none  
G3 4-2-2 97in 19½x28in 170psi 20t 50t 20sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. none  
71 2-4-0 72in 16x22in 130psi 19t 28t 15sq.ft. 1005sq.ft. none  
223 2-4-0 78in 16½x22in 130psi 23t 33t 15sq.ft. 980sq.ft. none  
251 2-4-0 72in 16½x22in 150psi 25t 37t 21sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. none  
264 2-4-0 84in 17x24in 150psi 27t 38t 20sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. none  
H 2-4-0 79in 17x24in 150psi 26t 37t 16sq.ft. 1085sq.ft. none  
H2 2-4-0 79in 17½x26in 160psi 28t 39t 16sq.ft. 1030sq.ft. none Also H3-5
H6 2-4-0 79in 18x26in 170psi 29t 42t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none  
H1 2-6-0 61in 18x24in 175psi 38t 45t 17sq.ft. 1380sq.ft. none Baldwin 1899
I 0-6-0 61in 19x28in 140psi 40t 40t 18sq.ft. 1350sq.ft. none  
J 0-6-0T 49in 16x22in 130psi 27t 27t 12sq.ft. 575sq.ft. none Also J2
J3-4 0-6-0T 49in 17½x24in 170psi 41t 41t 16sq.ft. 800sq.ft. none LNER J57
J21 0-6-0 68in 19x26in 170psi 51t 51t 19sq.ft. 970sq.ft. 190sq.ft. LNER J2
J22 0-6-0 62in 19x26in 160psi 53t 53t 19sq.ft. 940sq.ft. 190sq.ft. LNER J6
J23 0-6-0T 56in 18½x26in 170psi 57t 57t 16sq.ft. 1120sq.ft. none LNER J50
J23 0-6-0T 56in 18½x26in 175psi 57t 57t 18sq.ft. 980sq.ft. none LNER J51
J23 0-6-0T 56in 18½x26in 170psi 57t 57t 18sq.ft. 760sq.ft. 170sq.ft. 167
K 0-4-4T 67in 17½x24in 140psi 27t 41t 13sq.ft. 885sq.ft. none Also K2
L1 0-8-2T 55in 18x26in 175psi 59t 71t 18sq.ft. 1045sq.ft. none LNER R1
374 0-6-0 55in 17½x26in 160psi 37t 37t 16sq.ft. 920sq.ft. none LNER J3
1021 0-6-0 55in 17½x26in 170psi 38t 38t 16sq.ft. 920sq.ft. none LNER J3
M, 2 0-6-0T 55in 17½x26in 130psi 42t 42t 16sq.ft. 800sq.ft. none LNE J54-6
M3-5 0-6-0T 55in 18x26in 170psi 43t 43t 16sq.ft. 800sq.ft. none LNER J53
M6-7 0-6-0T 55in 18x26in 170psi 52t 52t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none LNER J52
MC 0-4-4RM 44in 10x16in 175psi 25t 43t 10sq.ft. 380sq.ft. none Doncaster
MC 0-4-4RM 43in 10x16in 200psi 22t 40t 10sq.ft. 505sq.ft. none Kitson
MC 0-4-4RM 43½in 10x16in 200psi 22t 40t 10sq.ft. 390sq.ft. none Avonside
MM 0-6-2T 68in 17½x26in 170psi 52t 66t 19sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none LNER N1
N 0-4-2T 61in 17½x26in 140psi 27t 38t 13sq.ft. 765sq.ft. none Also N2
O 0-4-4T 61in 17½x24in 150psi 31t 50t 16sq.ft. 930sq.ft. none  
Q 2-2-2 91in 18½x26in 150psi 17t 40t 17sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none  
Q2 2-2-2 91in 18½x26in 160psi 18t 40t 18sq.ft. 1110sq.ft. none  
Q3 2-2-2 91in 18½x26in 160psi 18t 41t 18sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none  
R 0-4-4T 67in 18x26in 160psi 35t 54t 16sq.ft. 930sq.ft. none Condenser
R2 0-4-4T 67in 18x26in 160psi 33t 52t 16sq.ft. 930sq.ft. none Side/well tank
S, 2-3 4-4-0 79in 17½x26in 170psi 28t 45t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none LNER D2
TX 4-4-2T 67in 17½x26in 170psi 34t 60t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none LNER C12
U 4-4-2 80in 19x24in 175psi 31t 58t 25sq.ft. 1440sq.ft. none LNER C2
LU 4-4-2 80in 19x24in 175psi 36t 69t 31sq.ft. 2480sq.ft. none LNER C1
V, 2-3 4-4-0 79in 17½x26in 170psi 31t 48t 21sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none LNER D1
W, A4 4-2-2 91in 18¼x26in 170psi 18t 48t 23sq.ft. 1270sq.ft. none Later 18½x
W2,A5 4-2-2 91in 19x26in 175psi 18t 49t 23sq.ft. 1270sq.ft. none Later 19¼x
X2 4-4-2T 67in 18x26in 170psi 35t 62t 18sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. none LNER C12
Y 0-8-0 55in 19¾x26in 175psi 55t 55t 25sq.ft. 1440sq.ft. none LNER Q1
YT 0-8-2T 55in 19¾x26in 170psi 66t 79t 25sq.ft. 1440sq.ft. none  
279 4-4-2 80in 15x26in(4) 170psi 40t 74t 31sq.ft. 2020sq.ft. none LNER C1
Z 4-4-2 80in 15x20in(4) 175psi 33t 59t 25sq.ft. 1300sq.ft. none 271
Z 4-4-2 80in 18½x26in 170psi 33t 58t 25sq.ft. 1220sq.ft. none Rebuilt
ZZ 4-4-2 80in 13x20:16x26in 200psi 37t 70t 31sq.ft. 2480sq.ft. none 292
ZZ2 4-4-2 80in 13x20:18x26in 200psi 37t 70t 31sq.ft. 2350sq.ft. none 1421
1300 4-4-2 80in 14/23x26in 200psi 37t 71t 31sq.ft. 2515sq.ft. none Vulcan
1300 4-4-2 80in 20x26in 170psi 38t 71t 31sq.ft. 1535sq.ft. 280sq.ft. Rebuilt: C1

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