Canadian Pacific steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Dia. x Str.
A2 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 160psi 32t 52t 17sq.ft. 951sq.ft. 215sq.ft.  
D4g 4-6-0 62in 19x24in 180psi 49t 66t 28sq.ft. 1081sq.ft. 195sq.ft.  
D10 4-6-0 63in 21x28in 200psi 71t 93t 49sq.ft. 2336sq.ft. 572sq.ft. D10d-f: 22½x
E5 4-6-0 70in 20x26in 200psi 62t 79t 35sq.ft. 1839sq.ft. 368sq.ft.  
F1 4-4-4 75in 16½x28in 300psi 50t 109t 45sq.ft. 2291sq.ft. 900sq.ft. Streamlined
F2 4-4-4 80in 17¼x28in 300psi 55t 119t 70sq.ft. 2833sq.ft. 1100sq.ft. Streamlined
G1v 4-6-2 75in 22½x28in 200psi 71t 109t 46sq.ft. 2610sq.ft. 675sq.ft.  
G2u 4-6-2 70in 22½x28in 200psi 70t 108t 46sq.ft. 2610sq.ft. 675sq.ft.  
G3a-c 4-6-2 75in 25x30in 200psi 88t 144t 65sq.ft. 3530sq.ft. 803sq.ft.  
G3d 4-6-2 75in 23x30in 250psi 88t 145t 65sq.ft. 3272sq.ft. 864sq.ft.  
G3e-j 4-6-2 75in 22x30in 275psi 90t 147t 65sq.ft. 3176sq.ft. 1475sq.ft.  
G4 4-6-2 70in 24½x30in 200psi 88t 144t 65sq.ft. 3530sq.ft. 803sq.ft.  
G5 4-6-2 70in 20x28in 250psi 69t 104t 46sq.ft. 2576sq.ft. 744sq.ft.  
H1 4-6-4 75in 22x30in 275psi 88t 161t 81sq.ft. 3791sq.ft. 1542sq.ft. H1c-e: strl'd
I1 4-8-2 70in 23½x32in 200psi 92t 137t 60sq.ft. 3132sq.ft. 754sq.ft.  
J5 2-6-0 56in 20x26in 180psi 59t 69t 39sq.ft. 1363sq.ft. 218sq.ft.  
K1 4-8-4 75in 25½x30in 275psi 113t 197t 94sq.ft. 4931sq.ft. 2112sq.ft.  
M4a-d 2-8-0 58in 21x28in 200psi 81t 92t 44sq.ft. 2363sq.ft. 339sq.ft.  
M4e-h 2-8-0 58in 22½x28in 180psi 81t 92t 44sq.ft. 2363sq.ft. 339sq.ft. M4f: 50sq.ft.
N2 2-8-0 63in 23x32in 190psi 98t 109t 50sq.ft. 2316sq.ft. 602sq.ft.  
P1a,b 2-8-2 63in 23½x32in 180psi 90t 116t 50sq.ft. 3598sq.ft. 760sq.ft.  
P1d,e 2-8-2 63in 23x32in 190psi 97t 125t 50sq.ft. 3134sq.ft. 860sq.ft.  
P1n 2-8-2 63in 22x32in 215psi 90t 123t 50sq.ft. 3134sq.ft. 860sq.ft. Ex N2
P2a-d 2-8-2 63in 25½x32in 200psi 113t 153t 84sq.ft. 3580sq.ft. 908sq.ft.  
P2e-k 2-8-2 63in 23x32in 275psi 112t 153t 84sq.ft. 3436sq.ft. 970sq.ft. P2e,f: 250psi
R2 2-10-0 58in 23½x32in 200psi 103t 112t 59sq.ft. 2621sq.ft. 410sq.ft.  
R3 2-10-0 58in 24x32in 200psi 105t 118t 59sq.ft. 2621sq.ft. 628sq.ft.  
S2 2-10-2 58in 26½x32in 200psi 129t 164t 74sq.ft. 4256sq.ft. 1015sq.ft.  
T1a 2-10-4 63in 25½x32in 275psi 142t 205t 94sq.ft. 4931sq.ft. 2112sq.ft. K1 boiler
T1b,c 2-10-4 63in 25x32in 285psi 141t 203t 94sq.ft. 5054sq.ft. 2032sq.ft. Streamlined
U3 0-6-0 52in 18x26in 200psi 60t 60t 28sq.ft. 1544sq.ft. none  
V3c 0-8-0 52in 21x28in 200psi 88t 88t 44sq.ft. 2254sq.ft. 326sq.ft.  
V5a 0-8-0 58in 22½x32in 250psi 120t 120t 67sq.ft. 2817sq.ft. 778sq.ft.  
W1 0-10-0 51in 23½x30in 200psi 109t 109t 50sq.ft. 2884sq.ft. 495sq.ft.  

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