Canadian Northern steam locomotives

Class Wheel
Dia. x Str.
2 4-4-0 62in 17x24in 140psi 24t 39t 16sq.ft. 1300sq.ft. none CN A-1
13 4-4-0 62in 17x24in 140psi 22t 35t 16sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none NP C-11
47 4-4-0 63in 18x24in 180psi 32t 47t 18sq.ft. 1570sq.ft. none CN A-20
53 4-4-0 63in 17x24in 150psi 25t 39t 17sq.ft. 1230sq.ft. none CN A-24
70 4-4-0 69in 18x24in 200psi 22t 34t 28sq.ft. 1385sq.ft. none CN B-26
105 2-6-0 51in 19x24in 140psi 43t 53t 19sq.ft. 1340sq.ft. none CN D-2
107 2-6-0 57in 18x24in 150psi 38t 46t 29sq.ft. 1305sq.ft. none CN D-1-a
112 2-6-0 55in 18x24in 150psi 39t 46t 17sq.ft. 1640sq.ft. none NP D-2
132 2-6-0 54in 17½x24in 180psi 42t 52t 17sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. none HV M-1
200 0-8-0 46in 20x24in 160psi 55t 55t 24sq.ft. 1620sq.ft. none Ex B&S 102
301 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 180psi 53t 53t 23sq.ft. 1635sq.ft. none CN O-2
303 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 180psi 58t 58t 28sq.ft. 1365sq.ft. none CN O-3
307 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 180psi 53t 53t 22sq.ft. 1635sq.ft. none CHTT 4
308 0-6-0 50in 20x26in 200psi 53t 53t 21sq.ft. 2050sq.ft. none CN O-5
310 0-6-0 47in 20x26in 175psi 59t 59t 29sq.ft. 1440sq.ft. none Ex 0-8-0T
312 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 150psi 55t 55t 23sq.ft. 1635sq.ft. none CN O-7
337 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 180psi 56t 56t 27sq.ft. 1345sq.ft. none CN O-10-a
352 0-6-0 50in 19x26in 180psi 56t 56t 27sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. none CN O-10-b
400 0-6-0 51in 21x26in 180psi 70t 70t 27sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. 355sq.ft. CN O-12-a
500 0-6-0 51in 21x28in 180psi 75t 75t 33sq.ft. 2020sq.ft. 380sq.ft. CN O-13
700 4-6-2 69in 23x28in 180psi 62t 98t 48sq.ft. 2410sq.ft. 660sq.ft. CN J-1
1000 4-6-0 50in 18x24in 140psi 35t 44t 25sq.ft. 1180sq.ft. none Pittsburgh
1010 4-6-0 50in 18x24in 150psi 37t 49t 19sq.ft. 1480sq.ft. none TSL&W G-4
1017 4-6-0 57in 18x24in 180psi 41t 54t 19sq.ft. 1450sq.ft. none CN G-2
1027 4-6-0 57in 18x24in 190psi 40t 54t 27sq.ft. 1370sq.ft. none CN G-3
1039 4-6-0 57in 19x24in 150psi 40t 52t 23sq.ft. 1700sq.ft. none CN G-7
1043 4-6-0 56in 19x24in 180psi 49t 60t 25sq.ft. 1920sq.ft. none CN G-9
1048 4-6-0 56in 19x24in 180psi 50t 63t 30sq.ft. 1545sq.ft. none CN G-10
1103 4-6-0 57in 18x26in 190psi 49t 65t 25sq.ft. 2000sq.ft. none CN G-12
1105 4-6-0 57in 20x26in 160psi 49t 65t 18sq.ft. 1900sq.ft. none CN G-13
1111 4-6-0 57in 20x24in 180psi 52t 70t 29sq.ft. 1400sq.ft. 280sq.ft. CN G-16
1161 4-6-0 57in 22x26in 180psi 60t 78t 32sq.ft. 1930sq.ft. 400sq.ft. CN G-17
1200 4-6-0 63in 18x24in 180psi 41t 56t 18sq.ft. 1490sq.ft. none Brooks
1202 4-6-0 56in 18x24in 180psi 43t 58t 18sq.ft. 1550sq.ft. none Baldwin
1207 4-6-0 63in 18x24in 200psi 47t 62t 29sq.ft. 1850sq.ft. none CN H-3-a
1211 4-6-0 63in 18x24in 200psi 53t 64t 29sq.ft. 1850sq.ft. none CN H-3-b
1221 4-6-0 63in 18x24in 200psi 50t 62t 28sq.ft. 1725sq.ft. none CN H-4
1261 4-6-0 63in 20x26in 200psi 57t 71t 32sq.ft. 2300sq.ft. none CN H-6
2011 2-8-0 57in 21x26in 200psi 69t 78t 33sq.ft. 2450sq.ft. none CN M-1
2065 2-8-0 57in 21x26in 200psi 70t 78t 33sq.ft. 2450sq.ft. none CN M-2
2090 2-8-0 57in 21x26in 200psi 71t 82t 33sq.ft. 1970sq.ft. none CN M-3
2400 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 94t 105t 49sq.ft. 2835sq.ft. 515sq.ft. CN N-1-a
2420 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 93t 106t 49sq.ft. 2835sq.ft. 515sq.ft. CN N-1-b
2430 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 93t 106t 49sq.ft. 2645sq.ft. 515sq.ft. CN N-1-b
2445 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 93t 106t 49sq.ft. 2675sq.ft. 515sq.ft. CN N-1-c
2455 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 98t 109t 49sq.ft. 2645sq.ft. 605sq.ft. CN N-2-a
2465 2-8-0 63in 24x32in 200psi 98t 110t 49sq.ft. 2660sq.ft. 580sq.ft. CN N-2-b

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