Western Australian Govt. Rlys. steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Diam. x Str.
A 2-6-0 39in 12x20in 140psi 16t 20t 10sq.ft. 540sq.ft. none  
ASG 4-8-2+2-8-4T 48in 14¼x24in(4) 200psi 73t 119t 35sq.ft. 1700sq.ft. 315sq.ft. Garratt
B 4-6-0T 37¾in 14x21in 160psi 21t 35t 12sq.ft. 595sq.ft. none  
C 0-6-0T+T 36in 10½x18in 120psi 19t 19t 12sq.ft. 715sq.ft. none  
Ca 4-6-2 49in 16½x22in 175psi 27t 44t 18sq.ft. 1250sq.ft. none  
D 4-6-4T 54in 18x23in 160psi 36t 74t 19sq.ft. 1420sq.ft. none Some ex E
Dd 4-6-4T 54in 18x23in 160psi 35t 72t 19sq.ft. 1145sq.ft. 175sq.ft.  
Ds 4-6-4T 54in 18x23in 160psi 35t 72t 19sq.ft. 970sq.ft. 175sq.ft.  
E 2-4-4-2T 39in 10x18in(4) 120psi 28t 34t 13sq.ft. 840sq.ft. none Fairlie
E 4-6-2 54in 17x23in 180psi 36t 53t 19sq.ft. 1420sq.ft. none  
Es 4-6-2 54in 19x23in 160psi 36t 53t 19sq.ft. 1095sq.ft. 185sq.ft.  
F 2-4-2T 39in 10x18in 120psi 15t 23t 7sq.ft. 420sq.ft. none Ex Fairlie
F 4-8-0 42½in 17x23in 175psi 43t 53t 19sq.ft. 1380sq.ft. none  
Fs 4-8-0 42½in 19x23in 160psi 43t 56t 19sq.ft. 1100sq.ft. 260sq.ft.  
G 2-6-0 39in 14½x20in 160psi 21t 25t 14sq.ft. 780sq.ft. none  
G bogie 4-6-0 39in 14½x20in 160psi 21t 27t 14sq.ft. 780sq.ft. none  
H 0-6-0T 27in 9x14in 120psi 14t 14t     none  
I 0-6-4T 36in 13x16in 130psi 23t 38t 14sq.ft. 665sq.ft. none NZGR S
J 4-6-0 42½in 15x22in 140psi 21t 29t 12sq.ft. 685sq.ft. none  
Ja 4-6-0 42½in 15x22in 160psi 22t 30t 14sq.ft. 815sq.ft. none  
K 2-8-4T 38in 17x21in 160psi 33t 52t 17sq.ft. 1010sq.ft. none Original
K 2-8-4T 38in 17x21in 160psi 34t 53t 16sq.ft. 975sq.ft. none Reboilered
M 2-6-0 39in 12x18in 140psi 15t 18t 10sq.ft. 540sq.ft. none  
M 2-6-0+0-6-2T 39in 12½x20in(4) 175psi 52t 67t 23sq.ft. 1340sq.ft. none Garratt
Ms 2-6-0+0-6-2T 39in 13¼x20in(4) 160psi 56t 70t 23sq.ft. 1065sq.ft. 180sq.ft. Garratt
Msa 2-6-0+0-6-2T 39in 13¼x20in(4) 160psi 60t 74t 27sq.ft. 1085sq.ft. 180sq.ft. Garratt
N 4-4-4T 49½in 15½x21in 160psi 24t 48t 16sq.ft. 860sq.ft. none Some ex O
O 2-8-0T+T 36in 15½x21in 160psi 32t 36t 16sq.ft. 860sq.ft. none  
Oa 2-8-0T+T 49½in 15½x21in 160psi 33t 38t 16sq.ft. 860sq.ft. none  
P 4-4-0 54in 15x20in 135psi 17t 28t 14sq.ft. 870sq.ft. none  
Pm 4-6-2 54in 19x26in 175psi 42t 63t 35sq.ft. 1505sq.ft. 365sq.ft.  
Pr 4-6-2 54in 19x26in 175psi 42t 65t 35sq.ft. 1555sq.ft. 365sq.ft.  
Q 4-6-2T 42½in 15x22in 160psi 23t 39t 14sq.ft. 815sq.ft. none  
Qa 4-6-4T 42½in 15x22in 160psi 23t 42t 14sq.ft. 815sq.ft. none Ex Q
R 4-4-0 57in 16x22in 160psi 20t 32t 17sq.ft. 900sq.ft. none  
Ra 4-4-2 57in 16x22in 160psi 20t 33t 17sq.ft. 900sq.ft. none Ex R
S 4-8-2 48in 19x24in 200psi 53t 77t 40sq.ft. 1675sq.ft. 450sq.ft.  
T 4-4-0 52in 15x20in 140psi 18t 30t 15sq.ft. 845sq.ft. none  
U 4-6-2 54in 18x24in 180psi 35t 59t 26sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. 260sq.ft. SGR 220
Ut 4-6-4T 54in 18x24in 180psi 36t 81t 26sq.ft. 1125sq.ft. 260sq.ft. Ex U
V 2-8-2 51in 19x26in 215psi 57t 81t 40sq.ft. 1815sq.ft. 500sq.ft.  
W 4-8-2 48in 16x24in 200psi 39t 63t 27sq.ft. 1115sq.ft. 305sq.ft.  

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