South Australian Railways steam locomotives

Class Wheel Arr-
Diam. x Str.
A 2-4-0T 60in 14x22in 130psi 21t 30t 11sq.ft. 815sq.ft. none  
B 2-4-0T 66in 14x20in 130psi 23t 32t 12sq.ft. 795sq.ft. none  
C 2-4-0 54in 14x20in 130psi 19t 26t 13sq.ft. 855sq.ft. none  
D 4-4-0 64in 15½x22in 130psi 18t 28t 15sq.ft. 950sq.ft. none  
E 2-4-0T 66in 15x21in 130psi 23t 32t 13sq.ft. 895sq.ft. none  
E 2-4-0 66in 15x21in 130psi 19t 27t 13sq.ft. 895sq.ft. none  
F 4-4-0T 60in 14x22in 130psi 20t 31t     none  
F 4-6-2T 63in 17½x24in 185psi 35t 60t 18sq.ft. 1335sq.ft. none  
G 2-4-0T 48in 11x18in 130psi 14t 19t 7sq.ft. 405sq.ft. none  
H 4-4-0 54in 14x20in 130psi 18t 27t 13sq.ft. 855sq.ft. none  
I 0-4-0T 35in 9x16in 130psi 12t 12t   360sq.ft. none 48
I 0-4-0T 36in 12x18in 145psi 22t 22t 8sq.ft. 590sq.ft. none 161
J 0-6-0 60in 17x24in 130psi 30t 30t 15sq.ft. 1015sq.ft. none  
K 0-6-4T 48in 16½x20in 130psi 25t 39t 15sq.ft. 920sq.ft. none  
K 0-6-4T 42in 14½x20in 130psi 23t 33t 13sq.ft. 775sq.ft. none 42in gauge
L 4-4-0T 60in 16x22in 130psi 26t 37t 16sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none As built
L 4-4-0 60in 16x22in 130psi 21t 32t 16sq.ft. 970sq.ft. none In service
M 0-4-2T 55in 12½x16in 130psi 16t 23t 8sq.ft. 510sq.ft. none  
M 2-4-2T 60in 17x26in 140psi 30t 53t 18sq.ft. 1070sq.ft. none VR class E
N 4-6-0 60in 19x24in 130psi 30t 43t 19sq.ft. 1305sq.ft. none Baldwin 1881
N 4-6-0 60in 19x24in 175psi 37t 51t 19sq.ft. 1600sq.ft. none Rebuilt
O 2-8-0 48in 20x24in 130psi 40t 47t 33sq.ft. 1335sq.ft. none Baldwin 1881
O 4-4-0T 54in 16½x24in 130psi 27t 38t 16sq.ft. 1120sq.ft. none 204
P 2-4-0T 60in 16x20in 130psi 24t 33t 15sq.ft. 930sq.ft. none  
Q 4-4-0 61in 16½x24in 130psi 21t 33t 16sq.ft. 1120sq.ft. none  
R 4-6-0 54in 18x24in 145psi 30t 40t 18sq.ft. 1295sq.ft. none  
Rx 4-6-0 54in 18x24in 175psi 34t 46t 20sq.ft. 1435sq.ft. none Some ex R
S 4-4-0 78in 18x24in 160psi 27t 40t 21sq.ft. 1230sq.ft. none  
T 4-8-0 43in 16½x22in 185psi 31t 42t 17sq.ft. 1050sq.ft. none 42in gauge
Tx 4-8-0 43in 16½x22in 185psi 35t 45t 17sq.ft. 770sq.ft. 135sq.ft. 42in/63in g.
U 2-6-0 39in 12x20in 130psi 15t 19t 10sq.ft. 540sq.ft. none 42in gauge
V 0-4-4T 36in 9½x15in 130psi 9t 16t 5sq.ft. 255sq.ft. none 42in gauge
W 2-6-0 39in 12x20in 130psi 15t 19t 10sq.ft. 545sq.ft. none 42in gauge
Wx 2-6-0 39in 12x20in 145psi 17t 21t 10sq.ft. 545sq.ft. none 42in, ex W
X 2-6-0 38in 14½x18in 130psi 17t 22t 15sq.ft. 565sq.ft. none 42in gauge
Y 2-6-0 39in 14½x20in 145psi 22t 26t 14sq.ft. 780sq.ft. none 42in gauge
Yx 2-6-0 39in 14½x20in 185psi 23t 28t 14sq.ft. 805sq.ft. none 42in, ex Y
Z 4-4-0 54in 15x20in 145psi 18t 28t 14sq.ft. 870sq.ft. none 42in gauge
  97 0-6-0T 33in 11½x15in 130psi 16t 16t 7sq.ft. 1045sq.ft. none  
107 0-4-0T 28in 8x12in 140psi 9t 9t     none 42in gauge
260 0-4-0T 33in 10x16in 160psi 16t 16t 6sq.ft. 290sq.ft. none 42in gauge
300 4-8-2+2-8-4T 48in 14¼x24in(4) 200psi 73t 119t 35sq.ft. 1700sq.ft. 315sq.ft. 42in Garratt
400 4-8-2+2-8-4T 48in 16x24in 200psi 85t 149t 49sq.ft. 1970sq.ft. 370sq.ft. 42in Garratt
500 4-8-2 63in 26x28in 200psi 89t 135t 67sq.ft. 3550sq.ft. 835sq.ft.  
500B 4-8-4 63in 26x28in 200psi 89t 146t 67sq.ft. 3550sq.ft. 835sq.ft. Booster
520 4-8-4 66in 20½x28in 215psi 64t 113t 45sq.ft. 2455sq.ft. 650sq.ft. Streamlined
600 4-6-2 75in 24x28in 215psi 74t 119t 55sq.ft. 3225sq.ft. 745sq.ft.  
620 4-6-2 66in 18½x28in 200psi 50t 83t 33sq.ft. 1735sq.ft. 420sq.ft.  
700 2-8-2 57in 22x28in 200psi 75t 101t 47sq.ft. 2435sq.ft. 620sq.ft.  
710 2-8-2 57in 22x28in 200psi 74t 102t 47sq.ft. 2435sq.ft. 620sq.ft.  
720 2-8-4 57in 22x28in 215psi 78t 126t 60sq.ft. 2975sq.ft. 750sq.ft. Booster
740 2-8-2 57in 22x28in 200psi 75t 102t 47sq.ft. 2435sq.ft. 620sq.ft.  
750 2-8-2 55in 20x26in 175psi 55t 78t 31sq.ft. 1455sq.ft. 325sq.ft. VR class N

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