Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad

This is an unofficial site, with some information not readily available elsewhere. You may also wish to browse the railroad's official website, which includes information on how to become a member of the Iowa Railroad Historical Society.

  • Location.

  • Map of the railroad.

  • Schedule in am/pm or 24 hour format.

  • Motive power roster (illustrated) - also available in a text-only version.

  • Radio: 160.53 MHz = AAR 28 (repeater), 161.325 MHz = AAR 81 (point-to-point).

  • Accessibility: The Boone depot, museum and giftshop are wheelchair-accessible. Train pairs 7/8 and 9/10 (see Schedule) normally include a car equipped with a wheelchair lift. If wheelchair access to Train 7 is required, it is appreciated if you can notify the depot [Tel. 1(800)626-0319] before noon on the day of departure so that the train may be positioned for easy boarding.

  • With a typical yearly ridership of around 45,000, the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad is the second passenger rail operator in Iowa, following Amtrak's 65,000 annual boardings in the state, and ahead of Iowa Northern's 30,000 annual round trips.
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