Iowa Judo Incorporated Promotion Requirements

For promotion to ... Minimum points: Minimum time:
Yonkyu 3 3 months
Sankyu 5 6 months
Nikyu 7 6 months
Ikkyu 12 6 months
Shodan 20 6 months
Nidan 28 2 years
Sandan 36 3 years
Yodan 42 4 years

Shiai points

Officiating points

One point will be given to any official who participates fully and actively in designated
judo tournaments.  The capacity of participation in the tournament shall be as follows:

Other points

Consideration for promotion will be given in attending clinics, training camps, and teachers'
institutes at the rate of one point per day.  One point per day may also be given for
hosting a clinic.  Five points will be given for attending a week long judo camp.

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